"Hairspray Live!" debuted on NBC with stellar performances from cast members Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron Jennifer Hudson and more. NBC

“Hairspray Live!” premiered on NBC Wednesday night with several catchy tunes from the original movie and Broadway play. The story, which is set in 1962 Baltimore, tells the story of teenager Tracy Turnblad who achieves her dream of dancing on the popular “The Corny Collins Show.” However, when she feels it’s time to integrate the all-white television show, problems arise.

The cast included Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron Jennifer Hudson, Kristin Chenoweth, Maddie Baillio and more, all of whom gave stellar performances.

Check out the list below of the five best performances during the television special:

1. “You Can’t Stop the Beat”

The finale features the entire cast joining in to dance to the song that brings harmony between them after being at odds with one another. The clip above features the cast’s performance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The clip of the live performance from Wednesday night was not available.

2. “I Know Where I've Been”

Everyone expected an extraordinary performance from Jennifer Hudson and that is exactly what she gave in this powerful ballad about race issues for African Americans in 1960s Baltimore.

3. “The Nicest Kids in Town”

The opening song to “The Corny Collins Show,” which Tracy Turnbald desires to be a part of, showcases mean girl Amber Von Tussle, heartthrob Link Larkin and host Corny Collins.

4. “Run and Tell That”

In this number Seaweed J. Stubbs, played by Ephraim Sykes, shares his pride for his race despite the prejudice against him.

5. “Welcome to the ‘60s”

A mother-daughter moment at its finest. The performance spotlights Tracy’s mother Edna Turnbald’s introduction to the ‘60s after years of hiding out in her home. The duo dance in the street and Edna even gets her own little number to showcase her new trendy clothes courtesy of Tracy’s endorsement deal.

"Hairspray Live!" debuted on NBC on Dec. 7 with stellar performances from cast members Ariana Grande, Dove Cameron Jennifer Hudson and more. Getty Images