Hallmark Channel entered the world of primetime reality TV last week with the premiere of “Meet the Peetes,” which follows Holly Robinson Peete, her husband Rodney Peete, their four kids and Holly’s mother, Dolores.

The new show started off with the planning of twins Ryan and R.J. Peete’s 20th birthday party. Sunday’s episode 2 will focus more on Ryan’s time in college at New York University. Missing their daughter and granddaughter, respectively, Holly and Dolores decide to take a trip to New York to visit Ryan. They make a girls’ trip out of it and really enjoy their time with each other.

“We know you love your brother, you’ve always been there for him, and now, guess what, Ryan? It’s your turn,” Holly tells her daughter in the trailer while out at dinner.

While in New York, the group also decides to start the hunt for Dolores’ long-lost half-sister.

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Rodney’s home alone with all the boys and feels it’s the right time to teach a little “Rodney’s School of Etiquette,” according to the synopsis. He shows RJ, Robinson and Roman how to dress up, how to tie a tie, and how to treat a date right.

meet the peetes 102
Watch Holly Robinson Peete and Dolores Robinson in the next episode of “Meet the Peetes.” Crown Media/Annabel Park

“Now that Holly’s away, this is my opportunity for my Rodney’s one-on-one on being a gentleman,” Rodney says in the promo video.

Though a lot of the show is about Holly’s kids and about parenting, there will still be quite a few mentions of her acting career because it’s a large part of her life. In a sneak-peek clip of the new episode, Holly’s seen chatting with Dolores, who used to manage her, asking for some career advice.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what the next chapter career-wise is,” Holly says. “My idea is I can do like a little mini-series gig and that would keep me out of town for maybe three weeks, four weeks at a time. I think the kids would be alright without me.”

Dolores responds by suggesting that Holly might have some ulterior motives and that she might just be looking for some time away.

Find out what Holly decides to do and more when new episodes of Hallmark Channel’s “Meet the Peetes” airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST, right after new episodes of “When Calls the Heart.”