The real-life royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry doesn’t occur until May, but fans only have to wait until March to see a royal romance play out on their TV screens. “One Tree Hill” alum Bethan Joy Lenz, who often goes by Joy Lenz, and Will Kemp star in Hallmark Channel’s upcoming film “Royal Matchmaker.”

Premiering as part of the network’s Spring Fever programming event, this movie will act as Kemp’s official induction into the Hallmark family. As for Lenz, she had that pleasure in 2014 with Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ “The Christmas Secret,” though this will be her debut on the family’s main network.

The two stars had so much fun filming this new flick in December that they couldn’t help but share plenty of behind-the-scenes photos on social media, teasing fans about the exciting new project they’d unfortunately have to wait a little while to see. Well, the wait is almost over. While “Royal Matchmaker” doesn’t premiere until March 24, International Business Times has the exclusive premiere of the movie’s glamorous trailer.

Watch the stars fall in love in the film’s first promo, above, and then continue reading to find out exactly what you can expect from this movie that’s sure to become an instant favorite.

royal matchmaker hallmark trailer Bethany Joy Lenz and Will Kemp star in “Royal Matchmaker,” an upcoming Hallmark Channel original movie. Photo: Crown Media

“Kate (Lenz) has a gift for matchmaking, and now her reputation as the ‘Queen of Hearts’ has reached King Edward of Voldavia (Simon Dutton),” the film’s official synopsis reveals. “He wants his son Prince Sebastian (Kemp) to present his future bride at the Jubilee, and brings Kate onboard to help.”

Learning the prince has built a wall around his heart and trusts only Victor (Joseph Thompson), his valet, Kate realizes it’ll be harder than she thought to do her job. Soon, though, while shadowing him during a work event, she sees a softer side to him and knows there’s more to him than she assumed.

“Kate has also learned the prince helped reroof schools on his travels so she takes him to a rundown rec center to lend a hand,” the synopsis continues. “There, she notices Victor shares a spark with a woman and is glad to see she hasn’t lost her touch as the prince has yet to accept any of her matches. But Kate isn’t too upset since she’s fallen for Sebastian herself.”

Putting her feelings aside, she still introduces the prince to Petra (Eva Trill), her top match. With her job complete and her heart broken, Kate runs away to the train station, not wanting to witness first-hand the happy couple at the Jubilee. Little does she know that back at the event, Sebastian can’t stop looking for her. Petra might seem like the right fit for the role of queen, but he has other ideas of who that role should go to.

Check out the full movie when “Royal Matchmaker” debuts on Hallmark Channel on March 24 at 9 p.m. EST.