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Bethany Joy Lenz, who attended the premiere of “Big Little Lies” at TCL Chinese Theatre on Feb. 7, 2017 in Hollywood, California, just finished working on a new Hallmark movie. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Update - 12/6/17 3:15 p.m.:

Hallmark Channel told International Business Times on Wednesday afternoon that the film Bethany Joy Lenz just wrapped is for Hallmark Channel and is tentatively titled “Royal Matchmaker.”

While a release date has not yet been set, there’s a lovely summary of the upcoming royal romance for fans to enjoy in the meantime.

Kate Gleason (Lenz) is NYC’s most successful matchmaker who gets the challenge of her career that will make or break her. The King of Voldavia (Simon Dutton) hires her for the daunting task of finding a suitable wife for his bachelor son, Prince Sebastian (Will Kemp), in time for an engagement announcement at the Royal Jubilee Celebration…just four weeks away. Prince Sebastian is a reluctant participant – he’s skeptical of Kate’s ability and is also a love cynic so the two initially clash. But as Kate learns more about the Prince, she sees a side that’s different from the picture painted in the tabloids and starts to have feelings for him. Although she’s happy Prince Sebastian seems to have found love as a result of her expertise, she’s conflicted over her success and leaves just before the gala. When Prince Sebastian doesn’t see Kate in the crowd of guests he realizes the friendship they’ve developed is really something deeper, leaving him to question the royal engagement announcement he was prepared to make.

Original Story:

Bethany Joy Lenz has been working on a super secret project for the last month, but she’s finally sharing more about what she’s been filming.

The “One Tree Hill” alum first teased her secret project with a shot of her passport on Instagram at the start of November. In the post, she said she couldn’t wait to start her “new adventure,” before following it up the next day with a video from Bucharest, Romania, which finally told her followers where she was.


❤️ can’t wait for my new adventure

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It was a beautiful day in #Bucharest. Anyone who’s been here or lives here- what are some of your favorite spots?

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Now, early on Wednesday morning, the actress revealed that she had wrapped filming and that she was leaving Romania. But what exactly had she just finished filming?


So long, Romania. You have a little piece of my heart _ #gypsies #circusfolk #filmfamily

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This latest post of hers revealed via a hashtag that she had been filming a Hallmark movie, something she’d only done once before, with 2014’s “The Secret Christmas” for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Also important to note from the photo she shared is that it revealed the rest of the cast, which includes Will Kemp, Brittany Bristow, Poppy Roe and Joseph Thompson.

It seems like she liked the vibe of that movie, which is why she had been keeping this project a secret and has been taking her sweet time telling fans what she was working on. She has only given little pieces of information about it in the days since her original November passport post.

On Nov. 19, after revealing where she was, Lenz wrote about her morning make-up routine, revealing that she’d been on set every day, only leaving fans to wonder if it was for a new movie or TV show.

The first real glimpse into the project came on Nov. 20, when Lenz posted a photo of a grand staircase inside of a large, palace-like building. She tagged actor Jonathan Sadowski in the photo, which is making her followers believe that he’s in the production, though he has yet to post any photos from Romania on his Instagram feed, meaning it could have been an error.


#bucharest #romanianticcomedy _ __

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The same day, Lenz shared a picture of herself on set, in full costume, wearing a sophisticated pale-pink dress, with her hair partially pinned back.


Tea with the king ☕️ #bucharest

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A few days later, she confirmed that she was indeed filming inside of a palace, which sounds like the perfect location she should be filming a royal romance film.


Palace details. Just a hallway wall...

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Later that evening, the “One Tree Hill” alum posted a fake TV show poster of her and Kemp, with the title “Very Serious Detective Show.”


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Though she captioned it saying, “This is absolutely what we’re filming in Bucharest,” and even tagged BBC in the photo, her image on Nov. 26 suggested that she was only kidding.

She explained via hashtags that she was filming a romantic comedy with Kemp, not something that the last post would suggest.


My breakfast club today #rehearsal #romcom #romanianticcomedy @iamwillkemp @aguycalledjoe @poppyroe

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The most exciting behind-the-scenes content came this past Sunday, when the star posted an image from a scene in the movie. However, it was not just any scene, but a long-gowns-and-chandeliers-type ball scene.


The Ball _

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A palace, a grand staircase and a ball scene? It doesn’t get much more romcom than that--except, it does when you add in the fact that she’s been filming a Hallmark movie.

The rest of the cast also shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from their time filming, which all give even more glimpses into the royal style of the Hallmark movie and what fans can expect to see.

Here's hoping we get a release date next.