Children dressed in Halloween costumes line up for a Halloween game at a carnival in Manila, Philippines, Oct. 31, 2010. Reuters/Cheryl Ravelo

Planning a children’s Halloween party and need some ideas for games? We’ve got you covered. Here are some unique and fun do-it-yourself game ideas to help make this Halloween memorable.

Halloween Musical Chairs: Tell the kids to wear a costume with a hat to the party, and make sure they know beforehand that their hats are going to be shared with others. Set up chairs indoors or outdoors for a game of musical chairs. Each child should place his or her hat on a chair, and when the music stops and the children race to their seats, they pick up a new hat. They’ll end up with funky variations of their costumes.

Candy Count: This is a simple one, parents. Fill a glass jar with candy. Ask each child to guess how many pieces of candy are in the jar. Every child wants candy on Halloween, so tally up their guesses and turn it into a game, but make sure all the kids end up with their share.

Mummy Wrap: Who didn’t love a good game of Mummy Wrap growing up? Buy some toilet paper and split the kids into pairs or groups of three. One child will be a mummy, and the other child or children will be responsible for wrapping up the mummy in toilet paper. Once the music starts (find some creepy Halloween music), the kids begin the race. Whichever team ends up with the most "mummified" mummy when the music stops is the winner. Maybe bring some other props, like Halloween-colored crepe paper, to keep it interesting.

Spider Web Walk: All you need is some colorful tape and some plastic toy spiders. Make a web out of tape on your floor, marking a clearly defined start and finish point. Spread the spiders across the web and place a prize at the center. The children have to walk on the web without falling off. To make it more difficult, throw in some extra rules. Tell them they can only walk on their tippy-toes, or lay out some ghost images that they have to step over.

Creepy Crawler Hunt: Buy plastic insects and other creepy Halloween props like plastic eyeballs to scatter around a room or your backyard. Decorate the area beforehand with stringy spider webs and play some eerie music to give the area the feeling of a haunted house. Tell the kids to search for the hidden objects, and whoever finds the most wins a prize.