With Halloween less than two weeks away, it’s time to decide on a spooktacular costume. Pregnant women can choose to cover their burgeoning baby bumps or put them on display for the ghoulish holiday with DIY ensembles. To help decide which way to go, here are some costume ideas:

1.Treasure Troll: Remember these '90s favorites? To replicate the doll, slick hair up and wear a nude leotard with matching nude stockings or leggings. Bedazzle your belly button with a jewel to sparkle things up.

2. Pumpkin: This is for the simple mom-to-be. Paint your belly orange and then decorate it like a jack-o’-lantern.

3. Pregnant Zombie: Buy a baby doll and then remove the limbs. Find a comfortable and cheap shirt that you can cut up. Then stitch the limbs into place so it looks like the zombie baby is coming out of your belly. Add some fake blood for gore.


4. Wilson from “Castaway”: There are different ways pregnant women can portray Tom Hanks' favorite volleyball. First, get a white shirt. Then fake blood can be used to make the handprint. Don’t forget about Wilson’s eyes and smiley face.

5. Juno: Why not portray the sassy teenager? Ellen Page’s character is easy to replicate, thanks to her identifiable ensemble. Simple get an orange striped shirt and a brown sweater. Don’t forget to wear a brown skirt over jeans and finish up the outfit with sneakers.

6. Mr. Potato Head: This one requires the Mr. Potato head parts. Use a hot-glue gun to stick the pieces to the appropriate parts of your belly.

7. Wrecking Ball: Have your tummy dress as the wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus’ famous video. String a Barbie doll to a fake silver chain and have the doll straddling your bump. For a little extra, style Barbie’s hair so it resembles Cyrus’.

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