With Halloween 2011 just a day away there is still time to come up with a creative costume without having to break the bank.  Here are some quick and easy ideas we have put together:

Marathon Runner: It may not be the warmest choice but all you to do is dig out a summer tank top, shorts and tennis shoes. Then print a number and stick it on to your top. If you want a twist you could add a pillow and go as the pregnant marathon runner that gave birth after the Chicago Marathon this year.

Smartie: You may need quite a bit of cardboard, but you can get it for free from you local store. Once you have created the tube all you need to do is paint it brown, wait for it to dry and add some smarties as the finishing touch. It doesn't matter what you wear underneath.

Egg: Lady Gaga did it. All you need is sheet and some pillows. Cut the sheet into an oval, make holes for your heads and legs, then stuff pillowes through the holes and squeeze into your egg costume.

Bed Bug:Cover yourself in brown from head to toe. It could be a suit from the Salvation Army, or just leggings and a t-shirt. Then all you need is a few pipe cleaners that you can cover in aluminum and use as antennas. For a finishing touch you can add a bed board to your costume with a few planks of wood tied together with some white string.

iPod: Find some cardboard from your local grocery store and cut it out into the shape of a rectangle. Then cut a smaller rectangular window for the screen (and your head.) You can spray the cardboard in silver or black paint and add the button on with white paint.

Nerd: If you are on a very tight budget all this will really require is a shit and some larger plastic glassed. Button your shirt to the very top, pull your pants up so they reveal your socks and within minutes you become a nerd.

Tourists: Again this may not be ideal for cold weather, but its easy, cheap and effective. A large flower patterned shirt that can be obtained from Wal-Mart for $2 with large baggy Khaki shorts. Pulled up socks with a hat make a fine accompaniment.

Seven deadly sins: This is the best group costume idea on a budget because it can be made easily at home without much need for elaborate accessories. Sloth is the easiest sin to pull off, as all you need are some baggy dirty looking clothes and some pillows to add on the extra pounds.

Bum/Hobo: All this requires is some old tattered clothes drenched in dirt, shoes with untied laces or the backs broken and a beard.

Hugh Hefner: Everyone has a bathroom. Put it on and stick on a cut our of the playboy symbol. Then all you need is a pair of sunglasses, sailor's hate and if you happen to have a tall blonde to accompany you that would add the finishing touch to your costume.

Black Swan: You don't need to spend $145 on an official Black Swan costume all you need is a white tutu that you can half spray paint black and then get creative with your hair and make up.

Ghost: If you aren't feeling that creative and just want to show up at a party you could also cut out a sheet, add some mesh and paint for the details and go as a ghost.