Rather than playing a regular game of flip cup or beer bong, try these Halloween-themed drinking games for the spooky holiday. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Whether you're staying in or going out to celebrate Halloween, there are drinking games for every occasion. Forget about flip cup, quarters and King's. Here are five Halloween-themed drinking games that are sure to get you in the spirit (and wasted) for the spooktacular holiday on Oct. 31. Remember, drink responsibly and find a designated driver if you need to travel.

1. Trick or Treat: This is a perfect pregame to play with friends before going out to the bar or a party on Halloween. Line up six shots and fill them with alternate “trick” and “treat” shots. For the "trick" shots, use tequila or another hard liquor. For the "treat" shots, use something that goes down easy. Take turns rolling a dice to determine which shots you take. Refill the shots as they are gulped up.

2. Horror Movie Drinking: Don’t feel like going out? Stay in with friends, make some drinks and watch one of the many horror or thriller movies on TV this week. Everyone picks a character and drinks whenever their character screams. If a girl dies first, then all the girls drink. If a guy dies first, then all the guys drink. If your character dies, you take two shots, and if they survive, you can pick someone else to drink. If there’s a secret killer and you guess who it is, everyone else mixes their drinks together and chugs the Halloween punch concoction.

3. Spooky Beer Pong: Not into taking shots? You can add a little spook to your regular game of beer pong by drawing a bloody eye onto the ping pong balls.

4. Drunk Costume Party: If you're heading out to a bar or a costume party on Halloween, this drinking game will entertain you and your friends throughout the night. If you're wearing a costume and someone else has the same one, you drink whenever he or she does. For every five people you see dressed as "Orange Is the New Black" characters, you do one shot of vodka. For every four people you see dressed as "Breaking Bad" characters, you do one shot of whisky. For every three people dressed as Miley Cyrus, you do a shot of Malibu. If someone asks who you're dressed as, you're in time out and can't drink for five minutes. Every time you see someone crying, take five sips of your beer. If you and your friends see a P.D.A. couple, the last person to touch their nose has to finish their drink. You get the gist.

5. Monster Mash: Gather a group of friends, pour your drinks and sit in a circle. Going counter-clockwise, start counting numbers aloud. On numbers divisible by three, the player has to say "monster" instead of the number, and on numbers divisible by five, the player has to say "mash." If you mess up, you drink. If you don't say the correct number or word within five seconds, you drink. The game should start like this: "One, two, monster, four, mash, monster, seven, eight, monster, mash..." No calculators!