colton haynes halloween
Colton Haynes, who attended the amfAR Gala at Ron Burkle’s Green Acres Estate on Oct. 13, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California, celebrated Halloween on Tuesday. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s always hard to one-up yourself when you have such great costumes each year, but, somehow, Colton Haynes has done it again.

While he went full Miss Piggy last year, this year he transformed into yet another fictional character: Marge Simpson.

The “American Horror Story” star got all costumed up on a Tuesday to host the Freixenet Cava 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair and, by the looks of his get-up, which he posted to Instagram, he didn’t take his job lightly.


Excited to host @FreixenetUSA 2nd Annual Black Magic Halloween Affair tonight! #ad #BubsInTheClub #FXCava #CavaWeen

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With the help of makeup and prosthetic artists, Erik Porn, Michelle Petit, Laura Raczka, Mark Viniello and RBFX Studio, Haynes was outfitted with Marge’s classic, tall, blue wig, googly eyes, big mouth, coral, beaded necklace and green dress.

But it wasn’t enough to just become another person or character, the costume had to be a little sultry, as well. It is Halloween, after all. So, instead of opting for Marge’s usual strapless, green maxi dress, the actor chose a super-short, sleeveless, deep-v dress to help show off his prosthetic assets.

Makeup artist Porn showed the process of putting the star’s look together on his Instagram, with the first photo showing Haynes simply in a wig cap and bright yellow skin. Fans tried to guess in the comments what he was going to be, with many thinking that he was going to be a “sexy minion.”

A couple photos later, the blue hair was added, the eyes were put on and the necklace was placed around his neck, giving fans the final clue as to the fact that he was transforming into Marge. The peace sign he’s giving in the photo is all Haynes, though. He’s in makeup still, so he hadn’t let the character completely take him over yet.

The last picture of Haynes that Porn posted was a full-length shot of him in costume, standing by microwave, looking back at it. At the camera, that is.

While Haynes didn’t share any photos from the event, once it was over and he was done hosting, he let down his hair and hopped in a pool, which he did share on the social platform. Though, the wig was about the only thing he took off, as he jumped in the pool and started dancing with his prosthetic butt and breasts still intact.

He posted a video of the mid-water routine to Instagram, along with the caption, “Post Halloween dance of shame ‘Mi Gente’ @jbalvin & @beyonce. Thx @freixenetusa for letting me host such a fun party!”

He then tagged his fiancé, Jeff Letham, as the one who recorded the video, making sure to add how happy he is that Leatham “still wants to be with me even tho I act like this lol.”

With Halloween still about a week away, fans can only hope to see more from the king of Halloween.