Halloween is not far away and there are several ways you can celebrate the costumed-themed day. One option is to gather you friends and family and throw a potluck. If you have already been invited to a Halloween potluck and don’t know what to bring or if you are a host having trouble deciding what you to serve, below are six spooky recipes ideas to consider bringing to a potluck.

1. Halloween Meat Hand

Meat and potatoes have never been more interesting than this deliciously spooky dish. The best part? Whoever eats it will be chowing down on something modeled after your very own hand.

2. Petrified Cheese Log

Want to serve up a delicious dish that looks like it’s been sitting out on the counter for a few months? Grab some blue food coloring, black sesame seeds and get ready to disturb your guests with this moldy looking dish.

3. Barfing Pumpkin Guacamole

Make sure that this pumpkin is the only one barfing at your potluck. Do your best to scoop out the area where you plan on placing the guacamole inside of the pumpkin. Although some may find it delicious, guacamole and pumpkin doesn’t sit well with everyone.

4. Shrunken Heads in Cider

Bobbing for apples just got a bit creepier with these shrunken heads. Carve them to be sad, happy or even make them stoic, regardless, anyone who bobs for apples during this potluck will definitely be surprised.

5. Marshmallow Popcorn Balls

Get some food coloring and turn these treats black or even blood red. Get creative and add some peanuts or even chocolate candies like M&M’s to the batch.

6. Meat Man

Meat lovers will unite around this protein packed dish. This is a dish that you will have to use your creativity and culinary skills for. Add a plastic skull and serving pan filled with your favorite meat dishes to turn this creative recipe into a disturbing centerpiece.