Halo Infinite coop
Halo Infinite's winter update added four-player online co-op for its campaign mode 343 Industries


  • Players can bring up to three friends into the "Halo Infinite" campaign
  • Forge Beta is accessible to all players, including the F2P crowd
  • Players now earn XP every time they finish multiplayer matches

Two of "Halo Infinite's" most-anticipated features are now available following the game's big winter update, which brings with it plenty of new content to refresh the starving player base.

Players will now be able to replay the game's campaign with up to three friends through online multiplayer, as per 343 Industries. Crossplay is enabled between all Xbox devices as well as PC, and all progress and unlocks claimed during co-op sessions will remain unlocked for all players involved. Unfortunately, couch co-op is a distant dream.

The developers promised to deliver couch co-op for "Halo Infinite" after expressing regret over scrapping it for "Halo 5," but they ended up canceling the idea again despite the fact.

Meanwhile, Forge enters a beta stage that everyone can access, including the F2P multiplayer-only audience.

Halo Infinite features a refined and refreshed version of the classic arena-style multiplayer the series is popular for
Halo Infinite features a refined and refreshed version of the classic arena-style multiplayer the series is popular for 343 Industries

For the unaware, Forge is the "Halo" series' sandbox creation tool that lets users make and share unique experiences for everyone to play through. This lets fans make their own custom maps and game modes without having to exit the game itself and rely on third-party software.

"Halo Infinite's" Forge Beta features an array of improvements such as a new visual scripting engine, better light and audio tools, object scaling, bot support and file sharing capabilities to make asset creation even easier across the entire community.

343 Industries emphasizes that despite the "beta" tag, Forge will remain a permanent part of the "Halo Infinite" experience moving forward. However, players should still expect bugs, issues and missing content as Forge continues to evolve past this initial stage.

The game is also getting a new battle pass with new unlockable cosmetics—both free and premium—for players to grind for. Two events are also looming over the coming months: the holiday-themed Winter Contingency and Joint Fire, which focuses on the JFO Mjolnir Armor and its related cosmetic options.

Lastly, the XP and progression systems are finally getting changed based on feedback. Players can now earn a base amount of experience after completing a match. Bonus points are awarded based on whether or not a team loses and how well a player performs on the scoreboard.

Halo Infinite Winter BP
The new battle pass from Halo Infinite's winter update 343 Industries