Raccoon City will soon have its Jill Valentine. The role has reportedly been offered to Hannah-John Kamen, who last appeared as the villainous character Ghost in "Ant-Man and the Wasp" in the MCU.

According to CBR, the "Resident Evil" franchise will soon receive a film reboot, coinciding "Resident Evil 3" launch to appeal to the younger audiences and adapt to new gaming ecosystems. Based on the film’s synopsis, the character's background portrays her as a “small-town girl” and a police officer in Raccoon citadel. Jill's fate will intertwine with Chris Redfield. The two will later become platonic life partners in the storyline.

Other names like Kaya Scoledario of "The Maze Runner" and Brenton Thwaites from the "Titans" movie are also rumored to play significant roles in the reboot. Scoledario and Thwaites are reportedly set to play the roles of Claire and Chris Redfield, respectively. Another character mentioned is a minor antagonist from the game, Chief Irons. So far, no actor was mentioned to play his cameo in the new film adaptation.

Other characters that might make an appearance in the new “Resident Evil” film, according to Game Fragger, are Leon Kennedy and Albert Wesker. The latter is a central figure in the “Resident Evil” storyline as its eternal antagonist appearing in the original game in 1996 and its final chapter in 2017. Carlos Oliviera, a deuteragonist from "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" is also rumored to appear in a cameo role.

However, if the Kamen decides to decline the role of Valentine, the casting will focus on an African-American actress with mixed heritage since the casting for this adaptation is not reserved for one ethnicity. Meanwhile, the negotiations between Scoledario and the film’s production team is currently in the works.

The original “Resident Evil” film franchise was helmed by Director Paul W.S. Anderson starring Milla Jovovich in the titular role. With its massive success from earlier releases, that movie series veered away further from the Capcom's storyline. It is reported that the movie reboot will bring back its spirit closer to the original game universe.

The “Resident Evil” reboot will be distributed by Sony Pictures under Screen Gems. Tony Giglio will take the writing credits while the movie will be directed by Johannes Roberts.

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