American Flags
The American Flag, pictured June 25, 2017 on the cruise liner RMS Queen Mary 2, the Fourth of July is honored in many ways including American-themed memes. Getty Images

Tuesday marks American's celebration of Independence Day, the country's way to honor the United States' declaration as a free nation. Although the Declaration of Independence was technically passed on July 2, American's celebrate the momentous occasion on July 4 because that is the day the Declaration was officially approved.

While many celebrate the holiday with barbecues and fireworks, the digital age has provided new ways to get in on the holiday spirit. The Fourth Of July, like any occasion, is best celebrated in an assortment of hilarious memes. Here are 11 memes to honor America on July 4:

1. President Trump Loves America

A collection of American-inspired memes wouldn't be complete without including at least one picture of President Donald Trump showing the world how much he loves America. In this case, the saying a picture is worth 1000 words is perfectly applied to this meme.

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2. Ilana Glazer's Iconic "Broad City" Moment


On season three episode of the Comedy Central show "Broad City" titled "2016," Ilana Wexler (Ilana Glazer) finds her true calling as a temporary volunteer for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. When making this discovery, she salutes America the only way she knew how. The episode also features a mini cameo from Clinton, too.

3. Protesting The POTUS

Political protests have proven to be a great platform to showcase witty sayings, which on many cases go viral. This protestor's sign against President Trump is no exception to this.

4. Ron Swanson On American History

Nobody knows the importance of America more than "Parks and Recreation" character Ron Swanson. According to Swanson, everything else prior to July 4, 1776 (aka America's birthday), was a "mistake."

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5. Republicans v. Democrats

Democrat and Republican politicians have difficulties getting along in the public eye. This hilarious meme of the Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant in front of The Declaration of Independence amplifies this truth.

6. Captain America Fights For You

What's more American than Captain America? The answer to that is nothing and this hilarious meme is proof of that.

7. How Federal Prosecutors Celebrate July 4


__ FUCK YEAH __ #happyfourthyall

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Everyone, even federal prosecutors, have to get in on the Fourth of July holiday spirit.

8. How Kevin From "The Office" Spends July 4

Kevin from NBC's "The Office" knows how to celebrate Fourth of July the right way. If Americans aren't relaxing on the beach while eating a hot dog on July 4, then they're not celebrating the holiday the right way.

9. Freedom And Justice For All

This meme shows that the idea of freedom isn't limited to only American citizens, but even Bald Eagles — which have served as an iconic symbol in American culture.

10. Waiting For Food On July 4

Everyone can understand the hardship of waiting for food at a Fourth of July cookout. However, as this meme illustrates, the food's arrival makes the holiday all the better.

11. Blue Ivy And America


The person who created a Fourth of July meme inspired by Jay-Z and Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

What are your favorite American-themed memes?