Washington state was one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use after voters there approved separate ballot initiatives in 2012, even though the drug remains illegal under federal law. Reuters

April 20, or 4/20, is informally known as the nation's stoner holiday, but now, apparently, there’s another one.

On July 10 -- aka 7/10, 7:10, or 710 -- “Happy 710” trended on Twitter when users began discussing the new, informal marijuana-related holiday en masse.

The holiday was created to recognize the popularity of “dabs,” the slang term for high-THC concentrates, which users obtain in the form of "wax," tinctures or oils, according to High Times.

So where does the name 710 come from? It’s not like 4/20, which has a few different rumored origins, including one involving a police radio code.

Instead, it’s something much more simple: “710” upside down spells “OIL.” Thus, a number of marijuana aficionados are saying that July 10 should be honored as “Dab Day," the day each year when THC-laden oils and concentrates should get their due while getting their users stoned.

Cannabinoid or THC extraction is the process by which concentrated cannabis is separate from the marijuana plant. This is usually done by forcing butane through a pressurized tube that contains cannabis, a police official told OC Weekly in 2013.

“The product extracted results in a higher concentrate 'oil,' which is processed via a heat source or evaporation into a semi-solid final product," he said.

But cannabis oil extraction can be dangerous, causing occasional explosions, as the process involves butane, which can be volatile.

Most Twitter users, however, weren’t focused on the drug's potential dangers; instead they chose to celebrate with “Happy 710” tweets: