• A lawsuit against Fox News and TV host alleges sexual harassment
  • Inaction and retaliation by management cited
  • Fox News denies allegations

Britt McHenry, a Fox Nation host has filed a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment against Fox News Channel and Fox News contributor George Murdoch called Tyrus.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan. It also accuses gender discrimination and retaliation against the TV host, per Vanity Fair report. 

The complaint mentions that despite McHenry's efforts to bring the network’s attention to the issue, it has remained unsolved. McHenry had filed a sexual harassment complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights in October. 

The issue came into the public domain after Huffington Post reported in July that the 33-year-old McHenry received lewd and inappropriate text messages from Murdoch (46) which she shared with friends and sought their advice. 

Murdoch badgered with lewd messages

According to her friends, the explicit messages included: “Just pull your boobs out now why don’t you. Just grin and bear it,” and if “keep being negative and I’ll send you another dick pic.” 

After news spread about the sexually explicit messages Murdoch was pulled off Un-PC, the Fox Nation show citing a “dispute” which was the charge of sexual harassment.

In her suit, McHenry says Murdoch’s inappropriate behavior started soon after their first meeting in August 2018 at a dinner organized by the news channel. 

The lawsuit alleges the management sidelined her after the complaint and McHenry was “iced out of opportunities” while Murdoch thrived at the network.

Sanctuary for sexual harassers

The lawsuit also takes a dig at the ‘zero tolerance’ stand of Fox News and said the principle is looking exercised on the woman who complained about the sexual harassment four times by never investigating the matter. 

Fox News has reportedly made payouts of over $100 million in sexual harassment scandals, per the court papers and has a proclaimed stand against such incidents.

McHenry dubs the stand a “ dangerous lie” and calls Fox News is a sanctuary for sexual harassers who “abuse female employees.”

Fox News says claims not valid

Murdoch’s lawyers said the accused is exploring legal options, “including potential defamation litigation.”  According to lawyer Tom Clare, his client Murdoch may pursue own legal action against the former co-host.

McHenry’s complaint also names Fox Nation and Fox executive producer Jennifer, Executive Vice President John Finley, and Senior Vice President of HR Monica Mekeel as defendants. McHenry has also worked with ESPN as an anchor and is known for her conservative views