Harbor the coonhound poses for his Guinness Book of World Records photo shoot. Guinness World Records

When his ears are lifted, a coonhound by the name of Harbor looks more like Dumbo the flying elephant than a dog.

With ears over a footlong, Harbor looks as though he could take off any minute. But the 93 pound pooch is content to flop around his Colorado home with owner Jennifer Wert, seemingly impervious to his sharp rise to fame after being honored by the Guinness Book of World Records for the having the longest ears on a living dog in the world.

Harbor's left ear is 12.25 inches long, and his right ear is 13.5 inches.

In a canine spin on the ugly duckling story, Harbor went though an awkward stage before he grew into his ears. The coonhound would often trip over them, and found himself a constant source of stares and the needling of small children.

When he was 9 months old, he was sitting in his crate and his ears were hanging down over his paws, Wert told the Denver Post.

Even today, strangers will approach the coonhound and ask to give his prized features a gentle tug.

Harbor takes it in stride, as you can see in the photo on left.