Harry Styles, who began his career with a boy band named One Direction, first appeared on television for "The X Factor" audition at the age of 16.

The official YouTube channel of the reality show Saturday shared an extended cut of the singer's audition. During the audition, Styles sang the music track "Hey, Soul Sister" by a rock band named Train.

Previously, the official handle shared only four minutes of footage 11 years ago but the extended version has additional two minutes of the singer talking to the judges, including Simon Cowell.

"Meet Harry Styles again for the very first time, but with EXTRA footage that's never been aired before!" the official YouTube handle wrote in the description.

Fans in the comments section gushed over the young version of the singer and praised him for reaching new heights in his career.

"Hearing him say “my names harry styles” to a crowd is so weird, no one knew him like we do now and the crowds so calm," one of the fans wrote. Another one said, "Always been so humble. It’s so incredible seeing how far he’s come since this audition!"

A fan noted, "Dude imagine being in that audience. They would never know how far he has come now" while another fan wrote, "This should've definitely all been aired at the time! The originally aired version makes sense now! hahahaha bet Harry thought he got away with this one, love it he's so adorable."

In case you have missed it, here's the previously shared version of his audition.

On the work front, Styles dropped his new music video, "Late Night Talking," on July 13. It was helmed by directors Bradley Bell and Pablo Jones-Soler.

Besides his successful music career, the singer has also made his way to acting in movies. He was last seen in the Marvel movie "Eternals," which was released last year. While he made a cameo as Eros' character in the movie, the singer will reportedly appear in many more Marvel movies.

According to multiple sources, Styles has signed a five-movie deal with Marvel Studios to portray Eros' character and he will be paid $100 million for this deal.

Aside from Marvel movies, he will also appear in movies like "Don't Worry Darling," "My Policeman" and "Faster, Cheaper, Better."

Harry Styles turns 28
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