• Reaching the age of 80 and above is no longer an impossibility
  • A new study found that by maintaining five key points at the age of 50 will let you enjoy 10 years more of life
  • Men could possibly reach 81 and women 84

A new study from Harvard has revealed it is possible to add ten or more years to your life. You can do this by making a few simple changes in your habits and opting for a healthy lifestyle. The Harvard research disclosed that maintaining five healthy habits when you reach the age of 50 can give you a decade more of a healthy life. It does this by keeping major diseases at bay.

Those who consume a good diet, perform regular exercise, maintain healthy body weight, do not smoke, and limit their alcohol consumption are at lower risk of developing chronic ailments. Examples of such ailments are cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The current study’s findings underscored the importance of disease prevention by keeping a healthy lifestyle.

A Quick Look At The Highlights of The Harvard Study

Harvard scientists say females who observed all the five habits by the age of 50 can expect to reach 84 years and four months before succumbing to such ailments. In contrast, females who do not follow any of these healthy practices are likely to develop at least one of these illnesses upon reaching 73 years and eight months.

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On the other hand, males who do not observe healthy habits can develop any of the three ailments upon reaching the age of 73 and one month. Males could, however, keep these illnesses at bay until 81 years and six months by getting rid of their nasty habits and observing a healthy lifestyle.

It's Not Too Late

Dr. Yanping Li, a Department of Nutrition at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health professor and senior research scientist, said it is not late to begin a healthy lifestyle. He admits, however, that starting to observe a healthy lifestyle at an earlier time is much better.

According to Dr. Li, the life expectancy rate worldwide has been on the upward trend in both developed and developing nations. This is why more people are getting concerned about healthy aging.

Li also revealed that past studies showed observing a healthy lifestyle can improve overall life expectancy. It also minimizes the risk of developing chronic ailments like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Li also said that the findings of their recently concluded study underscored the importance of prevention by sticking to good and healthy habits.