• The Harvest Moon is celebrated on September 20 this year and is expected to last for three days
  • Farmers and astrologers look forward to the Harvest Moon 
  • Astrologers associate the Harvest Moon with different spiritual meanings and reflections

It's time for festivities as most parts of the world celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and mark the rise of the Harvest Moon. But what is this celestial event really about?

The Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox. During this time, the angle of the moon relative to the Earth’s horizon is at its lowest, making it rise faster than usual for consecutive evenings. This occurrence offers enough bright moonlight for farmers to continue harvesting crops through the night. Thus, it is called a "Harvest" Moon.

The Harvest Moon usually occurs between September and October, depending on the lunar cycle that aligns with the Gregorian calendar. But it typically happens in September. It lit up the night sky on Monday, Sept. 20, and will appear full for three days. It shined the brightest on Monday, 7:45 p.m. ET.

Farmers and astrologers consider the Harvest Moon an important event every year.

For astrologers, there is a spiritual meaning behind it.

According to spiritual adviser Cherokee Billie, the Harvest Moon brings people personal freedom and good luck.

“After so much darkness this past year it’s like a light is coming on and shining down on us in a positive manner. So the spiritual meaning of full moon September 2021 is related to optimism, generosity, good fortune and good news,” stated Billie.

For astrologer MaKayla McRae, the September full moon brings emotional breakthroughs.

“Under the full moon in Pisces, it’ll be easier to put on rose-colored glasses, get lost in our daydreams, and chase after whatever our heart is yearning for,” McRae told Bustle.

Many East and Southeast Asians also consider the Harvest Moon an important event of the year as they celebrate the "Moon Festival" or "Mid-Autumn Festival."

Mid-autumn festival. ptksgc/ Pixabay

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