Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian spent time with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. The reality star is pictured attending the Forbes Women’s Summit on June 13, 2017 in New York City. Getty Images

Although Scott Disick stirred up some drama with ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian a few months ago, it looks like the dust is finally cleared and the family is slowly returning to their traditional behavior.

The father of three was spotted out with his ex’s sister Kim Kardashian on Wednesday following reports that the family was done with him after he attempted to get revenge against Kourtney when she decided to permanently end their relationship.

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Scott and Kim were photographed grabbing a bite to eat in New York City at local hotspot Cipriani, according to the Daily Mail. The two seemed happy to see each other as they met up for a casual lunch date. Kim was seen smiling as she said something to Scott and the two walked over to the restaurant together.

The two haven’t been spotted together in quite a while following their falling out in Dubai. On the latest season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kim invited Scott to join her on a work trip after she realized he was having a hard time dealing with his break up from her sister.

After finding out that Kourtney was hanging out with other guys back in Los Angeles, Kim attempted to invite him out for an incursion to take his mind off of things. However, when she entered his hotel suite, she learned that he had a woman hiding in there.

Kim then went searching through the suite until she found the girl hiding in the bathroom. After confronting the young woman, the star called her several names, including a “groupie,” and then instructed security to escort her out.

After the episode aired, Kourtney went online to defend her sister’s actions. “I didn’t ask anyone to get mad but that's her natural reaction and it woulda been mine too... #sistersgotmyback,” she tweeted.

In May, Kourtney began spending time with Younes Bendjima and the two were photographed enjoying a romantic getaway in Cannes, France. Not long after pictures surfaced, Scott headed to the French town where he was photographed indulging in heavy PDA with several ladies including Bella Thorne, Chloe Bartoli and Ella Ross.

Following his wild behavior, reports surfaced that the Kardashian family was done with Scott because one day, his children would see the way he chose to act.

The family reportedly decided to cut him off which meant excluding him from traditions like family vacations and dinners. Although it is unclear if the family still plans to ban him from their outings, it looks like Scott is on better terms with the famous brood.

After spending time with Kim, later that night he attended the same birthday as Kendall Jenner and was spotted hanging out with her last week.

Scott looks to be in a better place now that he is on better terms with the Kardashians. On Wednesday, the reality star seemed like he was confident about the situations going on in his life when he shared a photo on Instagram.

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“Now I Won,” the portrait read. Scott captioned the photo with a simple word, “Yeah.”

Although it may take some time, it looks like Scott and the famous family are working out their differences and are in the process of moving on from the past.