Meghan Markle shares a ton of similarities with Princess Diana and there are some royal fans who are convinced that she is the new People’s Princess.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans were asked to share their thoughts on whether or not the Duchess of Sussex has taken over the important role. Deanna Eppers, an avid follower of the royal family, said that she didn’t think so.

“Right now, there are so many negative stories circulating about the Duchess, and it feels like someone in the know (perhaps a royal courtier) is leaking tidbits to the press that paints Meghan in a bad light. She might be demanding, I don’t really know,” she wrote.

Eppers went on to say that Princess Diana earned the title of People’s Princess after she was stripped of her other royal titles. In order to forge a new way forward, the late Princess of Wales proved to everyone that she was still lovable.

Sophie Oldfield said that Princess Diana became known as the People’s Princess because she was adored by the public and no other royal from the past was like her. Princess Diana also had the power to talk to normal people about their lives and no other royal has done this.

“In my opinion, she [Markle] doesn’t possess any of the charm and characteristics of Diana. She doesn’t appear natural to me and always seems to be focusing on a camera, not on the people she is visiting... If there is any eye contact, it appears very blank to me, and she doesn’t have any facial expressions,” she wrote.

Karen Hewiton, a former student at the University of Toronto, said that Princess Diana earned the title of People’s Princess following her car accident in Paris. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was the one that gave her the unofficial title.

As such, Markle couldn’t be considered the People’s Princess because she’s only been a royal for a year and she didn’t earn the important title.