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An Apple iPhone 5C smartphone at the Berlin Apple Store on September 20, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. A Maui man was sentenced to write 144 compliments for his ex-girlfriend after he used his cell phone to contact her 144 times, violating a protection order she previously filed. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A Hawaii judge on Friday ordered a man to write dozens of compliments about his ex-girlfriend. It's all because he violated her protection order, the Maui News reported Sunday.

On the island of Maui, Judge Rhonda Loo sentenced Darren Young, 30, to write 144 nice things about his ex-girlfriend. He reportedly sent her dozens of offensive messages, which violated a protection order placed on Feb. 22. The conditions of the protection order were that he was not to contact her at all. On May 22, Young called and texted his ex-girlfriend 144 times within between 8:39 and 11:10 p.m., police reports said. He was arrested shortly afterwards.

Judge Loo told Young he must come up with new praises to give to his former lover.

“For every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing. No repeating words,” Loo said. “I don’t know whether I should cut off your fingers or take away your phone to get you to stop texting.”

“You probably shouldn’t get a phone, period. I hope she changed her number,” the Circuit Court for the Second Circuit judge added.

According to the Maui News, Young received time served, as he spent 157 days in jail prior to sentencing. Deputy Public Defender Zach Raidmae said he believed Young learned his lesson.

“One hundred and fifty-seven days is a long time to think about what tasteless things were said and the importance of abiding by protective orders,” he said. “The reality of this case is no texts, no problem. He’s experienced the sting of not abiding by this.”

Judge Loo sentenced Young to writing the compliments, completing two years of probation, paying $2,400 in fines and doing 200 hours of community service. Young said he would not be contacting his ex-girlfriend again and would move on with his life to help his mother, who had a stroke.