Rose Burgundy and Hazel-E, pictured at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, California, came under fire for making controversial comments about gays on social media. Getty Images

ShoeDazzle cut ties with "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Hazel-E after she made controversial comments about gay people and black women on social media Thursday. The reality television star engaged in social media drama with comedian Jess Hilarious, who alleged that Hazel-E's boyfriend was gay.

"We are aware of the recent social media posts and thanks for our fans for bringing it to our attention," ShoeDazzle wrote in a tweet. "At ShoeDazzle, we believe in love and equality for all and have removed all content associated #loveislove."

"Stop bleaching your skin, and fix the inside first," Hazel-E allegedly wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. "Love the skin you in ladies...it takes a village to take me out, but what y'all fail to realize is I'm still on top."

Hazel-E added, "B—hes mad cuz they couldn't pass a brown paper brown test. Yep, I said it."

Hazel-E also stood by controversial comments made by her boyfriend, Rose Burgandy. Burgandy allegedly wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post that he hoped "all gays die and go to hell," BET reported Wednesday. Hazel-E allegedly added, "Burn in hell just like God said in the Bible."

The reality television star has deleted all comments from her social media accounts after they came under public scrutiny.

This severed relationship with ShoeDazzle is the second endorsement that Hazel-E has lost. Through ShoeDazzle, Hazel-E launched the Hazel gladiator. The company said that the shoe "will spice up any occasion," including a yacht party.

"Yacht party coming up? No worries, the Hazel gladiator can take your sexy swimwear to the next level," ShoeDazzle wrote in a blog post in July. "The strappy details and heel add a pop of sass to elevate your look."

ShoeDazzle is a $100 million company. Launched in 2009, the inexpensive footwear website gained traction with the help of notable figures including Kim Kardashian and Robert Shapiro. Bill Strauss stepped into the CEO role for the subscription-only website 2011, which eventually resulted in a 25 boost in new members.

Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe also joined the ShoeDazzle family as its Chief Stylist in 2013.