• Heart attack can be triggered by a lot of factors
  • One of the lesser-known triggers is a beverage that you drink even just once daily
  • This beverage can be a trigger especially during middle-age

Heart attacks are among the most dangerous conditions that anyone could experience. Some people weren’t even able to survive a heart attack. There are those who got lucky. For those who have not yet experienced it, it might be best for you to heed warnings given by medical experts.

According to a recent study, when you consume a certain beverage, even just once every day, you might be opening yourself up to a factor that could possibly trigger the onset of a heart attack. One type of drink is known to increase cholesterol levels, which has been regarded as one of those mechanisms that could lead to a heart attack.

The Study

A study that was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, as reported in Express, revealed that among the drinks that could send the cholesterol levels soaring is a fizzy drink. In the study, it revealed that if you’re already middle-aged, you must avoid these drinks as they can increase cholesterol levels.

bad cholesterol fizzy drinks
bad cholesterol fizzy drinks Lernestorod - Pixabay

When cholesterol is high, it will increase the risk of developing blood clots, which would have the tendency to cut off the supply of the blood to either the brain or the heart. Aside from increasing cholesterol levels, these fizzy drinks could also make you at a higher risk of getting low numbers in terms of good cholesterol.

The bad cholesterol is the one that clogs the arteries. The good cholesterol, on the other hand, is the ones that help remove these bad cholesterol and help reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Those who are fond of fizzy drinks further increase their risk considering that they are also adding one more kind of bad fat known as triglycerides into their system. These triglycerides pool in the arteries and vessels, adding more strain to the heart.

Stay Heart Healthy

If you are the type who rarely drinks sugary drinks like fruit punches or juices, sodas, milk tea, or lemonades, then you are helping your body to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Couple this discipline with an active lifestyle and with a penchant for fruits and vegetables, and you will be on your way to a healthier you. These would be an effective means to reduce your risk of a heart attack.