A heart attack is a medical emergency that occurs when there is a blockage in the coronary artery. When this happens, some sections of your heart muscles are unable to receive much-needed oxygen and blood.

Since this medical condition is oftentimes devoid of any symptoms, a person may be at higher risk of a heart attack yet is unaware of it. In fact, while it is rare, there have been instances where fit and even young people have suffered heart attacks.

Contrary to popular belief, not all heart attacks start with sudden crushing chest pain. There are cases where patients reported only feeling some discomfort in their chest, only to find out they already suffered from an attack.

Minimizing Your Risk

Oftentimes the consequence of unhealthy lifestyle choices taken over time, there is still an opportunity for you to prevent this potentially deadly medical condition from happening. One way of minimizing your risk against heart attacks is by getting keeping physically active at all times. This forms part of your overall healthy living and keeping heart attack threat at bay.

best exercise to help minimize heart attack risk
best exercise to help minimize heart attack risk skeeze - Pixabay

The Type of Exercise

Any type of exercise that can get your heart pumping can help minimize the risk of developing fatal heart complications. There is strong evidence, however, that there are some exercise types that are better than others when it comes to improving the health of your heart.

In a study published by the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, lifting weights can help a lot in warding off heart attack threats. Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study researchers have studied data from almost 13,000 participating adults. They found that lifting weights for at less than an hour each week reduces heart attack or stroke risk by approximately 40% to 70%.

According to DC Lee, an associate professor of kinesiology, you need not spend lots of time lifting weights. You can perform two reps of bench presses, which can be performed in less than five minutes and still enjoy its benefits.

The study also found that aside from walking, running, or any other type of aerobic activity, weight training is enough to minimize the risk of having a heart attack. Since weight training requires the use of equipment, you can try getting a gym membership. According to Lee, you can enjoy more resistance exercise options. This can help a lot in minimizing heart attack risk.0000