Hearthstone has had a lot of broken deck archetypes, but nothing has been as disgustingly powerful as Crystal Core Rogue. Grim Patron Warrior needed to get its combo cards and Patches was annoying, but at least there was Acidic Swamp Ooze to kill all those weapons – Crystal Core Rogue has no counters.

The Crystal Core Rogue combo is super simple: summon Igneous Elemental or Fire Fly and get at least four copies of a Flame Elemental in your hand. If you only get two of those pesky little flames, you still have plenty of other cards to help you summon four minions with the same name. Gadgetzan Ferryman and Youthful Brewmaster can complete the Quest with ease, earning you a board of 5/5 minions. Play Stonetusk Boar , Southsea Deckhand and Patches and you’ll have a full army of 5/5 minions with Charge before your opponent has the mana to even fight back.  

The combo, when played correctly, will give you an OTK ready between turns four and seven nearly every time. Stonetusk Boar is now a staple meta card, what a world we live in.

Mulligans: You really want Igneous Elemental, Fire Fly or Swashburglar in your opening hand; the only goal is to finish your Quest as quickly as possible and then go face.

Deck List: Dog used a similar list to Legend rank one, replacing the elementals with Morose and Violet Teacher.

Backstab × 2

Preparation × 2  

Shadowstep × 2  

Swashburglar × 2  

The Caverns Below × 1  

Eviscerate × 2  

Gadgetzan Ferryman × 2  

Edwin VanCleef × 1  

Fan of Knives × 2  

Mimic Pod × 2  

Patches the Pirate × 1  

Southsea Deckhand × 2  

Stonetusk Boar × 2  

Fire Elemental x 2

Novice Engineer × 2  

Youthful Brewmaster × 2  

Igneous Elemental x 1