Nerubian Egg makes me angry Blizzard

This week signals the return of the Heroic Tavern Brawl to Hearthstone , but with a Wild twist. Previous Heroic Tavern Brawls used the Standard ruleset, turning the mode into a glorified ladder where streamers could boast how easily they got 12 wins. This time around, the gloves are off, and every card that’s ever existed is playable. I’ve been tired of playing against Midrange Hunters and Pirate Warriors, so I’m glad there’s something else to play.

heroic tavern brawl rewards
Rewards for Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl Blizzard

Be warned, Heroic Tavern Brawls are only for the most advanced players. The fact that it’s Wild makes it even deadlier for the newbie. There are a ton of cards from previous sets, like The Grand Tournament or Curse Of Naxxramas , that might be completely foreign. I’ve been playing since Hearthstone started and even I have problems remembering every card ever made. You need to pay $9.99 or 1000 gold to gain admittance, and you don’t get your money’s worth unless you get at least nine wins.

The players in Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl are out for blood and aren’t pulling any punches. Everyone’s bringing their best decks, and you better be too; No Shaman Murlocs will be seen in the Tavern this week. If you think you're ballsy enough to jump into the void and spend all your hard-earned gold, then you're either brave or extremely foolish. These players all have Legend card backs, a fully golden deck and a thirst for blood.

I spent everything I had to bring my baby, Secret Paladin, into the ring and I got my ass whooped. I did get to see what decks people brought to the field, so my pain is your gain.

Token Druid- Remember right after Curse Of Naxxramas was released and everyone was playing Dragon Eggs with Nerubian Eggs , buffing them with Power of the Wild ? With League Of Explorers’ large amount of Beast support, the deck has somehow gotten better. If you’ve never played a deck like this, I don’t recommend trying it out here. Understanding when to play your Deathrattles, when to buff and when to trade takes hours of practice and patience.

Pirate Warrior - The deck is exactly the same as it is in Standard Hearthstone . You play weapons and Pirates, then you attack the enemy in their face. Rinse, repeat, either win or lose embarrassingly to a Taunt minion.

Freeze Mage- Jaina handed me my first loss in the Brawl; I forgot how brutal Explosive Sheep can be. When playing against this deck, you’ll always feel like you're winning. The goal for them isn’t to stack damage in the early game, it’s to wait until Alexstrasza is playable and then combo your spells. The deck disappeared when Emperor Thaurissan went off into the Wild, but now it’s back for one more week of ass-whoopings.

What other decks are you seeing in the Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl? Tell us in the comments.