“Hell on Wheels” Season 5 will introduce a character called Chang [Byron Mann] and the protagonist Cullen Bohannan [Anson Mount] will have to face a new set of challenges with the Chinese workers. The Swede [Christopher Heyerdahl] will also be returning to the railroad construction site to face Cullen.

A video posted on Cartermatt shows short interviews with some of the cast members of the TV series including Mount, Heyerdahl, Tim Guinee [Collis Huntington] and Mann. Executive producer John Wirth also shares his thoughts in the video.

The main plot of the next Season revolves around Cullen working with the Central Pacific to finish their railroad, while at the same time searching for his family. The report notes that some of the challenges that the character may face in this season are communicating with Chinese workers and working in a mountainous terrain.

The report notes that The Swede will be returning in a “dramatic fashion” this time around. Speaking to Cartermatt, Wirth had previously revealed that The Swede will be announcing himself to Cullen in a “forthright manner” and tells him why he is there and what he plans to do in the premiere episode.

Another challenge for Cullen in the next Season of “Hell on Wheels” will be from Chang, who is said to be a railroad contractor and someone who controls the Chinese workers. The executive producer revealed that the new character will become “antagonistic” to Cullen. The other key Chinese character who is described as being “key” to Cullen is Tao [Tzi Ma,] who is a worker with an “elevated status” because he can speak English.

The first three episodes of Season 5 will be based mostly in Truckee, California, and the fans will only get to see Durant [Colm Meaney] briefly in the premiere episode. The first three episodes will not focus on the characters helping the Union Pacific build its railroad.

Cullen will be trying to find some solace in his work at the beginning of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5, Wirth explained. The character is said to be going through some “emotional trauma,” and the executive producer said that people who have only seen the first season may not recognize him because he has “evolved.” The premiere episode of the season will air on July 18.