Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Diana Gabaldon and executive producer Ronald Moore spoke about the production of “Outlander” Season 2 and teased some of the elements viewers will get to see. Meanwhile, the producers released a gag reel from the first season.

Speaking to TVLine, Balfe [Claire] said she will get to wear a baby bump for the next season, and Heughan [Jaime] likes to “punch” it. Heughan denied the charge, saying he loves the baby bump and that he is “fascinated” by it. He does, however, find it was “fun to poke” the baby bump.

Balfe revealed some of the concerns Claire has with her “impending motherhood.” The actress said the pregnancy is an important part of her character and it “changes everything.” One concern Claire has is about the kind of mother she will be since she did not expect to get pregnant. Balfe added her character didn’t have a mother since she was 5 years old, making her wonder if she will be any good at it.

One big difference in “Outlander” Season 2 is that it will not show graphic scenes like the ones in the last two episodes of the first season. Moore said the graphic scenes were a “unique piece of storytelling,” and such scenes were not a “signature” of the TV series and will not happen every year.

The first season had some intense scenes involving Jamie, Claire and Jack Randall [Tobias Menzies]. However, the cast members also got to have some fun on the set in some of the scenes in other episodes. This behind-the-scenes video shared by the producers shows cast members making mistakes, fumbling their lines and joking around on the set.

There will still be some “ugly things” that will happen in Season 2 and both Moore and Gabaldon pointed out there will be a war. The two main characters will be traveling to France as the story continues, and the executive producer refused to divulge if the next Season will start the same way as the book, “Dragonfly in Amber,” on which it is based.

Heughan is practicing his French with the help of a tutor assigned by the producers and he said it was easier to learn the language than the Gaelic language the cast had to learn previously. Gabaldon teased that apart from some “heart-ripping” dramatic scenes, there will also be many funny moments in “Outlander” Season 2.