Cullen will finally confront Chang about his business dealings with The Swede in “Hell on Wheel” Season 5 episode 5. The two characters will be going on a train journey together to San Francisco.

[Spoiler Alert!]

A promo video of the next episode shows Chang (Byron Mann) and Cullen (Anson Mount) sitting side by side in a train that is going to San Francisco. Chang says that he is going to the city to make some purchases to help the workers celebrate a Chinese festival.

Cullen Bohannan, however, is not convinced that Chang is concerned with the welfare of his workers and is suspicious of Chang. “I think San Francisco is a long way to go for fireworks Mr. Chang,” Cullen remarks in the video.

Chang reminds Cullen that the past is very important to the Chinese and hints at the disagreements between them when he says that letting go of the past is a western notion. Cullen had to send away three people from Truckee after he realized that there was no way to hold a fair murder trial after the death of a Chinese man in the previous episode.

The video reveals that Cullen is now suspicious about the activities of The Swede (Christopher Heyerdahl) in “Hell on Wheels” Season 5. Chang has been secretly selling guns to The Swede, and at one time he was even concerned about the number of guns being amassed. Chang had used the guns he was supposed to supply to his customer in an attempt to forcibly take his rice shipment that Cullen had impounded in the previous episode.

“What’s your business with Tor Gunderson?” Cullen asks in the video. Chang initially evades the question but finally says that he only sells rice to The Swede to let him feed his men. Cullen suggests that he forget about The Swede, which Chang rejects quickly.

The Chinese worker strike was resolved in the previous episode, but challenges to the railroad work remain. Cullen’s company is still in a tight race with Thomas Durant’s (Colm Meaney) company, and Durant has a new supervisor to oversee the work.

Another video posted online by AMC shows one of the most talked about scenes from the previous episode of “Hell on Wheels” Season 5. The video shows Johnny Shea (Andrew Howard) getting knocked to the ground in a single punch. Johnny is the new supervisor in Durant’s company.