With all the notifications from your social media accounts going straight to the Social folder of your email account and all the advertisements and newsletters going to the Promotions folder, not to mention spam emails, your email storage is filling up faster than you think. If you want to know how to delete emails on Gmail efficiently, clicking on each email that you don't need will eat up a lot of your time and require so much effort.

If your email account is getting filled with outdated and irrelevant messages and mail, then it’s time for you to learn how to delete emails in bulk. You can now clean up your email to free up storage for important messages with an email delete app like Clean Email. 

What is Clean Email?

Clean Email answers the question: How to delete emails all at once? It can manage an overloaded mailbox while ensuring that your data and privacy is safe and secure. Email Cleaner helps you save time by organizing email categories and automating repetitive tasks and lessening the stress of unwanted emails by deleting them and unsubscribing.

Clean Email features Clean Email features Photo: clean.email

Clean Email Features

It lets you clean and manage your email account

1. Quick Clean

Instantly clean your inbox with this feature that merges all the emails you normally delete including social notifications and those older than three years. It gives you the option to delete permanently or archive with just one click. 

2. Smart Views

Get smart with your mailbox and use predefined filters to organize your email with this feature. Because it groups similar emails, you can easily run through your emails, organize and delete the ones that no longer serve their purpose.

3. Grouping, Sorting, Filters

Now you can group all your emails depending on the sender, subject, date, recipient and more. Use filters like Status whether it was read or unread, Age to show how long ago it was sent or received or keyword search. The filter also lets you determine whether the emails were sent organically or by automated bots. 

4. Privacy Guard

Keep your sensitive data safe and secure from hackers with Clean Email’s Privacy Guard. It checks your email regularly against data breaches and informs you ASAP.

It lets you unsubscribe from unwanted email sources

Clean Email unsubscribe feature Clean Email unsubscribe feature Photo: clean.email

5. Unsubscribe and Block

If unsubscribing straight at the source is too much of a hassle, then Clean Email simplifies that process. If you’re wondering how to unsubscribe from emails, Clean Email sends an unsubscribe request on your behalf. And if the sender continues to send emails, it will be blocked to keep your inbox clean.

6. Take A Break

If you want to stop receiving emails from a sender temporarily, you can always hit Pause. If you want to clear your inbox in the meantime but get back to the messages and emails, choose Read Later. Keep Newest only shows you relevant emails once the next one comes in. Mute certain threads by subject or sender to stop you from getting distracted with updates and news. 

Clean Email Plans & Pricing

Clean Email free plan features Clean Email free plan features Photo: clean.email

Free Plan

You can try Clean Email for free but with limited features. The Quick Clean feature only allows you to clean certain parts of your mailbox including “bounce” notifications and drafts. However, if you want to clean your entire mailbox automatically of social and miscellaneous notifications, unread messages and emails older than five years, you’ll be forced to get the upgrade to unlock these specific features. You’ll also need to upgrade if you want to use the Unsubscribe feature and the Auto Clean feature which lets you create rules for incoming messages. However, you can try the Auto Clean feature for free for seven days.

Upgraded Paid Plans

Clean Email plans Clean Email monthly pricing plans Photo: clean.email

Unlock all of Clean Email’s awesome features with its paid plan. Price per plan only varies with the number of email accounts you’ll be using it on. Clean Email plans start at $9.99 per month for one account, $19.99 per month for five accounts and $29.99 per month for 10 accounts.

Clean Email yearly pricing plans Clean Email yearly pricing plans Photo: clean.email

But if you're going to pay annually, you'll save up to 70% off. One account would normally cost $119.88 for the entire year but is discounted to $29.99 if you get it now. Five accounts normally cost up to $239.88 but have been reduced to just $49.99 for the entire year. For 10 accounts, you would normally pay up to $359.88 for the entire year but the price has been slashed down to an affordable price of $99.99 if you avail of the offer while it lasts.