Emails are a necessary part of everyday work life, but managing them sometimes feels like its own part-time job. A recent online usage study found that American workers spend more than five hours a day checking, reading and responding to emails. With an average of 209 minutes spent on work emails and 143 minutes spent on personal emails, American workers can easily be distracted by what is supposed to be an efficient communication tool. Only 46 percent of respondents were able to clear their inbox.

A lot of time spent in email could be streamlined: if someone could sort junk and promotions in their own folders, bundle related emails together and type out a few standard email templates, handling emails wouldn't be your part-time job. For $39.99, DarwinMail can make email life a little easier.

DarwinMail allows you to optimize your Gmail inbox so emails can be dealt with accordingly. It's easy to group emails by category, sender or subject with the bundling feature, which can streamline a cluttered inbox in a matter of clicks. The Reminders feature can make sure you don't forget about your to-do list, meaning you can shut off the computer for now and pick up work later. Sometimes you need to reply to an email, but now is not a good time--luckily, DarwinMail lets you "snooze" emails without forgetting them. If you ever accidentally send an email while typing, the "Undo Send" feature can be your saving grace. Email templates make frequent business emails less tedious and time-consuming. In the modern workplace, it pays to have a smart inbox--imagine what you can do with an extra five hours in the day.

If you're using Gmail and miss the features of Google Inbox, DarwinMail is here to make emails easier indefinitely. At an 86 percent discount, paying an automated assistant $39.99 is worth a lifetime of hassle-free emailing.

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