While on the set of their Christmas special “A Berry Royal Christmas,” host Mary Berry revealed that Kate Middleton was very nervous on set. Despite this, the show was a huge success and the Duchess did an excellent job, according to Berry. She had a lot to say about her royal Christmas special co-host. 

“I promise you Catherine said ‘I'm nervous’ and I said 'What do you think I am?'” Berry said, according to The Sun. Berry called Duchess Middleton a very “down-to-Earth” person, alongside being a “normal mum” and someone who is just like “you and I.” 

According to Berry, the royal couple has had a pretty relatable relationship since their college days. Middleton revealed that Prince William even cooks for her sometimes and that the breakfast he makes for her is a standout. 

The show features Berry following Middleton and Prince William around as they do pretty much what they dedicate most of their time to -- being charitable. The 2019 royal holiday was dedicated to helping others, something that Berry was honored to assist in with her legendary baking talents. 

They had four different visits to charities within the show, each supported by the royal couple. Berry was able to meet with people whom the royal couple has helped with their philanthropic efforts. 

Other celebrities have spoken up about Middleton’s “down to Earth” behavior, despite being a future queen. Comparisons have been made between her and Meghan Markle, who has been deemed “overly sensitive.”