Taylor Swift is all praises for actress Laura Dern who did a cameo in her latest music video "Bejeweled."

"I was like, 'Oscar-winner Laura Dern, hello. I've written a script. It's a one-scene script in which you are going to call me 'a tired, tacky wench' and she was like 'I'm down,'" Swift said on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday.

"Bejeweled" is part of Swift's 10th studio album, "Midnights," which was released last week. The song's music video was dropped on YouTube on Monday.

The 32-year-old singer went on to praise the "Jurassic Park" actress and said, "She's the coolest. She's so funny. She's another one. I'm like, 'Friend, You are my friend now.'"

Host Jimmy Fallon was curious to know how the singer managed to direct Dern, considering she is an Oscar winner.

"You know, directing Oscar winner Laura Dern is easier than anything I've ever done in my life," Swift replied. "She's just the greatest."

Besides Dern, the newly dropped video also features singer Jack Antonoff and make-up artist Pat McGrath. Swift asked fans to keep an eye out for many "Easter eggs" in the video because "there are so many that we could not keep track."

The music video received good responses from fans.

"Bejeweled has to be one of Midnights' best songs," a user wrote. "It goes to show that everyone has the potential to 'shine bright' like a star no matter what situation they're in. Like Cinderella, she began from 'rags' and ended up attaining all the 'riches' she could ever ask for."

Another one praised the lyrics, "I think her lyric 'best believe i'm still bejeweled when i walk in the room, I could still make the whole place shimmer' is so genius because she just proved how she can brighten up the music industry with a glamourous comeback!"

It is penned by Swift and Antonoff, while the direction is done by the singer herself. The video is produced by Sara D'Alessio and edited by Chancler Haynes.

The "Midnights" album consists of 13 music tracks, including "Lavender Haze," "Karma," "Anti-Hero" and "Maroon."

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