Blue Crush
The 2002 surfing film, “Blue Crush," celebrates its 15th anniversary. Universal Pictures

Better grab a surfboard with teleportation powers, because it’s time to revisit the iconic 2002 surfing film, “Blue Crush.”

This is one of those movies that will forever stand the test of time. The technology may seem outdated and the video quality might start to look old, but the most important aspects of the “Blue Crush” – the characters, the storyline, and the heart – will always remain the same. And those characteristics are what make this film immortal.

So much more than “just a sports film,” this film took a deep dive into the world of surfing, sure, but it also brought with it the power of female friendship between Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth), Eden (Michelle Rodriguez), and Lena (Sanoe Lake) and of sisterhood between Anne Marie and Penny (Mika Boorem). It also features women going after their passions and dreams, even if men like NFLer Matt (Matthew Davis) cause hiccups along the way, in the end, they won’t let anything compromise their goals.

It’s a fun, exciting, motivational, beautifully-scenic film and one that deserves to be celebrated on its 15th anniversary (Aug. 16). To do just that, keep reading to find out what the cast is up to years later because they all continue to make waves in the world of film and TV.

Kate Bosworth (Anne Marie)


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This will forever be the breakout hit for Bosworth, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only wonderful project she’s ever been. Far from it. What came before “Blue Crush” was a starring role in the eight-episode series “Young Americans” in 2000 followed by the highly-regarded “Remember The Titans” the same year.

Later, she starred in the sweet rom-com “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!” with Josh Duhamel and Topher Grace in 2004. She also played the pivotal role of Lois Lane in 2006’s “Superman Returns,” before taking on the world of card counting in Kevin Spacey’s 2008 film “21.”

Recently she’s made her return to the world of TV with BBC’s action-drama series “SS-GB,” but movies are still part of her acting life. She just completed work on the thriller “The Domestics” with Tyler Hoechlin, as well as the drama “Nona,” in which she plays a detective.

Michelle Rodriguez (Eden)

After hitting the streets with Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker in 2001’s “The Fast And The Furious,” Rodriguez traded in her wheels for a surfboard in “Blue Crush.” A different movie and role, but she played a character just as tough. Rodriguez continued that pattern with many other movies throughout the years, including her role in “S.W.A.T” in 2003. Plus, her character had to be strong to stick out the land of TV’s “Lost” for quite a few episodes. Of course, her most-known role as Letty in the “Furious” series has been a constant in her life, with the latest film, “The Fate Of The Furious,” having been released just this year.

Rodriguez is currently working on the action-adventure flick “Alita: Battle Angel” and crime-thriller “Widows,” both due out in 2018.

Sanoe Lake (Lena)


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This film was the model and surfer’s first foray into the world of acting, but it wasn’t the last. Lake’s continued to release a new project every few years, with her last movie being the 2009 release, “Creature of Darkness,” with Devon Sawa and Matthew Lawrence. She was also the face of Billabong Girls from 2003-2011.

Matthew Davis (Matt)


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Making his mark on the world as Warner with Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde,” Davis has played quite a few characters since then that are a bit more lovable. His character, Matt, in “Blue Crush” definitely had his moments. He played the very attractive Adam in the short-lived 2006 series “What About Brian” with Barry Watson, and he had varying movie roles throughout the years, but it was his acceptance into the world of The CW that really helped him break back out.

He joined “The Vampire Diaries” in 2009 as Alaric Saltzman, who would become a fan favorite and for good reason. He left the series for a bit to star in The CW’s “The Cult,” but after it was canceled after only one season, he returned to his rightful place on the vampire series.

Mika Boorem (Penny)


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Playing her age in the film, Boorem was only 14 years old when “Blue Crush” was released, but she had already had years of film and TV credits under her belt. And nothing has changed since 2002, as she’s continued to rack up quite the resume. Right after the surfing movie, Boorem had a six-episode stint on “Dawnson’s Creek,” which earned her a Teen Choice Award nomination. She also co-starred in the “Dirty Dancing” sequel in 2004, as well as the teen flick “Sleepover” with Alexa Vega the same year.

Now, the 29-year-old actress is set to direct/writer/act in “Hollywood Hustle: LA Player” with Tom Arnold and star in the 2018 dramedy “Tale Of The Wet Dog.”

Lizzy Weiss (Co-Writer)

Because movies don’t write themselves, here’s the highlight of what “Blue Crush” co-writer, Lizzy Weiss, has worked on since this film: “Switched At Birth.” Aside from a couple TV episodes, Weiss hasn’t added too much to her credits since this fabulously-written surfing flick, but that’s just because she was saving up all that creative energy for the fiercely entertaining and relatable ABC Family-turned-Freeform series “Switched At Birth,” which she created and wrote.

Now that the series had its series finale this year, Weiss is working on a new comedy project titled “Grounded,” which is currently in pre-production.

John Stockwell (Director/Co-Writer)

Stockwell must have a love of the water because besides co-writing and directing “Blue Crush,” he also directing the Paul Walker and Jessica Alber diving starrer “Into The Blue” in 2005, as well as the Halle Berry diving thriller “Dark Tide” in 2012. But he also seems to enjoy directing action flicks, like 2014’s “In The Blood” and his most recent flick, “Armed Response,” a 2017 action thriller starring Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche.

Those involved with this 15-year-old film have gone on to have great careers in the industry, and original viewers of the film have gone on to have 15 years of a movie that they can watch over and over with the same amount of enjoyment every time. That's called a win/win.