Free Press has released a series of funny yet scathing satirical ads against AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile. The premise of the ads is what the world would look like if the merger happened.

It claims that customers will see higher prices, T-Mobile employees will lose their jobs, and AT&T (Ma Bell) will be a monopoly once again.

A separate Free Press document also claimed that AT&T would make less structural investments if it acquired T-Mobile than the two companies would have made separately.

Moreover, Free Press rejects the argument that the merger is crucial to bringing 4G services to America, which it claims would happen without the deal by 2014 for 97 percent of Americans. Also, the merger won't be the deciding factor in providing coverage for rural America, according to Free Press.

Lastly, Free Press claims the strengthening of AT&T via its acquisition of T-Mobile would further threaten Net Neutrality because AT&T opposes Net Neutrality requirements.

AT&T, on its part, claims the merger will allow it to provide better coverage for its customers and cover more of America.

Below are the satirical ads from Free Press.