The Opera web browser may be small when compared to the ubiquitous Google Chrome. However,+ this tiny and not so popular browser has just beat the world's leading web browser in launching a better dark mode experience.

Opera web browser, this week, unveiled a dramatic new look for its not so popular web browser that not only includes a dark mode feature but also a selection of five different color schemes, blue, red, green, purple and grey.

Codenamed Squircles by developer Opera Software, this all-new interface brings a more modern, smooth look, flat design to the Opera web browser. Unlike Facebook, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, and WhatsApp that focused only on the dark mode feature, Opera has added five different colors to the mix and all five colors have reportedly worked flawlessly with both light and dark appearance.

There are no limitations nor borders for Android applications. If you're not happy with the standard-applications on your phone there are a number of capable alternatives. Opera is a great alternative to Android's standard web browser. Johan Larsson/Flickr

By comparison, the latest Google Chrome’s visual upgrade has only added the dark mode feature, while the rival Opera web browser has added 10 new theme options to its light and dark appearance.

In addition to the new look, Opera also offers free unlimited VPN and Crypto Wallet for Bitcoin transactions. There’s also a built-in ad blocker for blocking unwanted online ads.

First introduced in 1995, Opera is a Chromium-based freeware web browser for PC, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux operating systems. The browser was developed by Opera Software, a Norwegian-based company currently listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Opera also offers three mobile versions, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Opera Touch, and a gaming browser Opera GX.

The latest Opera update is currently available on the Opera website and Google Play Store.