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Optical fiber cables for internet providers are seen running into a Enel Group server room in Perugia, Italy, June 23, 2017.
Optical fiber cables for internet providers are seen running into a Enel Group server room in Perugia, Italy, June 23, 2017. Reuters / Alessandro Bianchi

The world remains blind to the hidden dangers of wireless connectivity. Peter Sullivan, of Clear Light Ventures, is here to change that.

Sullivan is no stranger to modern technology. The Stanford educated computer scientist spent years working in Silicon Valley --Excite, Silicon Graphics, and Netflix – before he discovered that he was part of the valley's three percent demographic that were highly sensitive to EMFs, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless routers, cellphones, and countless other modern accouterments.

Wireless technology emits radiation, which has been proven in academic studies to be harmful to our health. Sullivan refers to this condition as the new smoking --where just like how cigarettes started out and the evidence was there but people didn't catch on to it till a later time. It can result in a range of conditions including but not limited to: neurological diseases, cognitive problems, sleep disruption, fatigue, anxiety, depression and can also increase the risk of cancer. Unlike the proliferation of tobacco, Sullivan stressed how it would be nice to have everyone pay attention to this matter and start creating products that are safer and with lower power--definitely a win-win situation for everybody.

Wireless technology is everywhere. From the ubiquitous rise of the smartphone to 24/7 wi-fi; even Fitbits, which many people wear when they sleep, don’t allow us to turn off their Bluetooth transmission.

And it’s only going to get worse as increasingly more wireless technology products are rolled out in homes, businesses, and schools across the world, adding to the multitude of dangerous radio waves interacting with our brains.

The effects of wi-fi have been long-established: it can lead to oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including electroencephalogram changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload.

Many doctors simply don’t know what the effects of radiation caused by wireless technology are on people’s health. There is extensive research on this, including product testing to understand the true extent of the problem and make everyone aware of the detrimental effect it can have on their health. Studies have shown that cellular phones have been issued alongside an FCC advisory that states how unsafe the device is if held directly to the body.

One study that references the impact that wireless radiation has on our bodies was made by Dr. Martin Pall, who explains that frequencies and fields can highly impact our cells' calcium channel--an essential aspect to our brain development, the immune system, T-cell function, the blood-brain barrier, and the gut-brain barrier.

But what about 5G technology? The problem is that the technology uses different frequencies to its predecessors, yet it’s held to similar safety protocols.

Worse still, it has had no formal safety testing despite independent research showing that it can cause harm to humans at lower levels than what the U.S. Federal Communications Commission considers to be safe. And it has also been proven to produce symptoms of microwave sickness in humans.

A deeper issue is that many of these wireless technology providers have a heavy influence on the industry’s regulation because they actively lobby and engage with U.S. Congress. As a result, many of the standards governing its protection of human health are unsafe.

That’s why Sullivan set up Clear Light Ventures: a social enterprise, formed in 2007 to improve human health and performance by removing widespread threats to environmental health. The company is also looking to invest in safer technology, which is why it has placed a stake in a company called Blue Planet Systems, a company that captures pollution and turns it into concrete. In addition, Sullivan has worked on many projects and initiatives aimed at increasing awareness on deadly chemical toxins and also on the fight against pollution.

He also produced Generation Zapped in 2017 a documentary focused on the deceptive and manipulative tactics that the telecom industry utilizes to sell the public a technology despite overwhelming evidence that it can be harmful to one's health. The film aimed at warning people about the effects of radiation caused by radiofrequency emissions from cell phones and wi-fi signals.

Clear Light works actively in the philanthropy and funding space–wanting to create more awareness and grow the market towards 'safe technology' and improved environmental health. Past projects have focused on chemical toxins, mercury, teflon and lead--where exposures impact children and interfere with their natural neurological development.

The more people who are aware of the dangers of wireless technology radiation, the greater steps that can be taken to ensure their safety.

Products such as Garmin’s fitness trackers, Oura Ring and Apple Watch also have the option to turn off Bluetooth. But there is more that needs to be accomplished, especially by governments and businesses in the efforts to introduce stricter safety standards and the development of safe products that today’s consumers can trust–thereby limiting the exposure to radiation and protecting human health.