A former Florida high school band director was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old student. In this photo, a driver who failed a field sobriety test at a DUI traffic checkpoint stands in handcuffs waiting to be processed in Miami, Florida, June 4, 2007. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A former Florida high school band director was accused of having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old student multiple times.

According to a Hollywood Police arrest report, Ricardo Emanuel Esquilin, 28, a former band teacher and band director at South Broward High School, was arrested Wednesday and charged with sexual battery by a custodian of a victim over 12 and under 18. The accused allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a teen student between November and December, in the back office of the band room at a drive-in movie theatre, his vehicle and at both of their respective homes, Sun Sentinel reported.

Esquilin would often take the victim off campus in his car to get ice cream during a time when the teenager was having a difficult time with her boyfriend. "[Esquilin] was talking with her as a mentor and consoling her during her break up with her boyfriend," the report said.

He also sent text messages about meeting for sex. The suspect also allegedly provided the underage victim with contraceptive pills so she would not get pregnant after their sexual encounters. “He provided her with three to four 'Plan B' pills not because she thought she was pregnant stating 'he just wanted to make sure,'" the report said.

The mother of the teenager reported Esquilin’s alleged misconduct to the police after she discovered the texts he had sent her daughter. When the teen was questioned by the police in January, she admitted to having a sexual relationship with the band director of the school. After his arrest, Esquilin told the authorities that he knew what he did was wrong and that he would eventually have to face the consequences.

He started working for the Broward school district in August 2017 and left his job on Jan. 5 citing “personal reasons.” Despite not being employed at the institution, the website for South Broward High School listed him as “Director of Bands.”

The police were also investigating a case wherein Esquilin allegedly had sex with a 16-year-old girl four years ago before he started working at the school. Students of the South Broward High School were shocked to hear about their former teacher’s alleged misconduct.

“It just shows you that anywhere people can be predators and you don’t know it. I saw him around school for the longest time and I never thought he would have a relationship with a student. This is shocking and worrisome. I don’t think either person was really thinking. It is just really serious to see that someone is a mentor and then they are taking advantage,” 12th grader Michael Rodriguez told CBS4.

Another student, Amy Garcia, said: “It’s disturbing, you know, I didn’t think he would do this to students. He was nice.”

Esquilin was booked into the Broward’s jail after arrest. During his court hearing Thursday, Judge Jackie Powell ordered the accused remain jailed without bond. He was also ordered to have no contact with the victim.