The hotel industry is booming, and that is something that is not going to stop anytime soon. Small hotels are getting bigger, and the most prominent hotel companies are expanding further. As long as people travel, the industry is going to keep thriving and growing. In 2017, the global market value of hotels was $570 billion, and that number increases by a significant margin every year. Now that you have a clue of how well the industry is doing, let us look at the highest turnover hotels in the world.

We however, did not include Hotels which are coupled with other businesses, like Casinos. This would not be fair due to companies like, for example, Wynn Resorts making so much more revenue with their associated Casinos. If you on the other hand want to know how much the world’s biggest casino companies earn in revenues, take a look at top best 10 casino sites .

Marriott International

Marriott International is a force to reckon with in the hotel industry. It is one of the biggest and most renowned hotel operators with more than 800,000 rooms under its command. In 2016, Marriott purchased Starwood at $13 billion, and that is when it overtook other hotels becoming the biggest hotel operator on the planet. The hotel has also recently acquired Delta and the Ritz, thus expanding its size even further.

In 2017, Marriott ended up delivering revenue of $22.89 billion. It also earned a whopping $1.37 billion that year. The hotel operator is known to put its customers first and above everything else, and that is the main reason why it has more than 30 award-winning properties. Their rates are competitive, and their properties are stunning with impressive finishes. The hotels exist in more than 130countries with their headquarters at Bethesda, Maryland, which is in the United States. The brand has a total market share of $22 billion.

Hilton Holdings Group

If you have ever dined or stayed in one of their stunning hotels, then you probably know why Hilton Holdings is among the highest turnover hotels in the world. Its hotels offer fantastic services with impressive facilities such as rooftop bars, Jacuzzi, swimming pools, and free Wi-Fi.

In 2017, Hilton Holdings delivered a whopping $3.4 billion in revenues. That year its earnings were a total of $1.26 billion. Some of the brands Hilton operates include Waldorf Astoria, Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, and Hilton. The company continues to expand further, and it is currently developing a multi-story building in Kenya in a bid to take over the market. The company has a market value of $9.14 billion.

InterContinental Hotel Group

The InterContinental Hotel Group has been making broad strides in the hotel industry, and that has seen it become one of the most respected hotel operators in the world. The hotel group purchased Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants in the year 2014. It is a move that saw it dominate the American market and expand its list of properties. The hotel has been having a positive trajectory when it comes to revenue produced, with 2009 being the lowest after generating a total of $16.8 billion in revenue.

Their revenue, however, increased further in the year 2018 after generating revenue of $27.4 billion. The group also operates brands such as Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, Hotel Indigo, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, and InterContinental. The hotel is famous for its incredible hotel services and stylish designs that are not only impressive but also fulfilling. By 2018, the InterContinental group had a market value of $1.7 billion.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Situated in more than 60 countries, Wyndham takes the fourth position when it comes to the highest turnover hotels on the planet. On its portfolio, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts records more than 7000 hotels that provide satisfactory services to its guests. The award-winning hotel operator is a rising player with various accolades such as the best hotel chains in Travel by Money Magazine as well as best hotel chains for families by Parents Magazine.The hotel generated a total of $5.1 billion in revenue the year 2017. Even though that is lower than the amount it made in 2016, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts remains to be one of the best hotel groups on the planet.

Choice Hotels International

The choice is one of the few brands in the hotel industry that carters for both leisure and corporate demands. It also stands to be the most successful lodging franchise. Some of the leading brands under Choice International include Econo Lodge, Comfort Suites, Comfort Inn, and Clarion, among others. The lodging franchisor has more than 6,000 rooms spanning across the world.

Its newest expansion is the Cambria Hotel Minneapolis, which is at the Saint Paul Airport. The choice hotel started generating more than $1 billion in revenue in 2017. In 2018 their revenue was $1.04 billion. It is by far the best lodging franchisors in the market with no other franchise near it.

Why Every Hotel requires Wi-Fi

Nowadays free Wlan for guests has almost become a must for most hotels. One reason for this is, of course, the rapid pace of digitisation. A few decades ago, paper travel guides and brochures as well as city maps were still the order of the day when holidaymakers were planning their excursions. In the meantime, the entire process takes place via smartphone or tablet on the Internet. Attractions and places of interest can thus be easily found and, if necessary, booked directly.

In addition, the Wlan is also an important point when it comes to entertaining guests during their immediate stay at the hotel. Access to social media and various entertainment platforms, such as YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, news sites and online casinos, is made possible for the guest in the usual way.

But Wi-Fi in a hotel is not only important for pure entertainment. After all, there are always numerous guests staying in a hotel for business reasons. Many of them are dependent on the Internet for their business activities. Free Wi-Fi makes it possible for such guests to work as they usually would do at home or in their office.

That is so far the list of the highest turnover hotels in the world. Each hotel has made broad strides in expanding and ensuring that it covers a significant geographical area. They are also hotels that make the industry competitive and valuable. Their revenue generation surpasses $1 billion, and that is why they are the highest turnover hotels.