A new DNA sequencing of a species of an Australian Kangaroo, Macropus eugenii, has revealed the gene responsible for the animal’s unique ability to leap. DGL

Australia’s Kangaroo Valley has won Highly Commended award under Responsible Tourism Awards category at World Travel Market 2010.

Kangaroo Valley in New South Wales, Australia, is known for its scenic, natural beauty and clean environment. The Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association has taken necessary measures including ban on plastic bags, bottled water and the like, to cut carbon emission and promote greener tourism in the region.

According to media reports, such responsible environmental actions taken in the valley helped Kangaroo Valley earn the honor, which had more than 1700 nominations. “Many hotels in Kangaroo Valley offer eco-friendly accommodation where the focus is just as much on providing comfort, as it is on minimizing negative environment impacts,” Christopher Warren, president of the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association was quoted as saying by local media.

Kangaroo Valley is a self-sustained economy solely depending on agriculture and tourism. Agriculture has helped the valley preserve its natural environment. “Local produce including home grown fruits and vegetables satisfies the food requirement for tourists as well as locals, so we avoid transport from outside that helps to keep transport emissions down in the region,” Warren said.

Besides being the site for sighting Kangaroos, the Kangaroo Valley offers adventure activities such as canoeing, horse trekking and bushwalking.