Highway Trooper Scott Maus Resigns After Allegedly Having Sex With Crash Victim
In this photo, police control access at a check point in Florida City into the Florida Keys on Sept. 13, 2017, after Hurricane Irma hit the region. Getty Images / Gaston De Cardenas

A Florida highway patrol trooper resigned Wednesday after he was accused of sexual misconduct while on duty. The officer was identified as Scott Maus and the complaint was lodged by Robert Abruzzese, who claimed his wife and the officer were allegedly involved in a sexual relationship.

He added one incident took place behind an abandoned church building located on Little Road in New Port Richey, which is a city in Pasco County, Florida, last week, while the trooper was still on duty.

“That Thursday, it was right here, in a patrol vehicle, in a uniform,” Abruzzese told WFLA-TV, an NBC-affiliated television station.

The report also stated Abruzzese first discovered text messages between Maus and his wife Dec. 22.

Abruzzese said he received a message from Maus, when his wife’s phone was with him, which read: “So, do you like being my little whore for a trooper?” to which Abruzzese replied saying, “I don’t know, let me ask your supervisor. Hi. He called. Now I have to speak to an internal affairs person.” To this message, Maus reportedly replied asking, “Called who? Can we talk?”

Along with the recent messages, Abruzzese also revealed other text messages between his wife and Maus in which the trooper supposedly texted about how he loved her hair and dress, to which Abruzzese’s wife replied saying, “You look hot in your uniform. I would love to see you with the hat on too.”

It was after discovering these messages, Abruzzese filed a complaint with the Florida Highway Patrol on Friday.

“The man should not be in that position. It’s a position of trust, position of authority and responsibility and he showed a lack of all those and I don’t think he should have his job anymore,” Abruzzese told WFLA-TV.

The relationship between Maus and Abruzzese’s wife started Dec. 8 when his wife was involved in a car crash on Date Palm Boulevard, Florida, New York Daily News reported. It was Maus who rescued Abruzzese’s wife then.

WFLA-TV reported Maus supposedly followed the wife to her house after which they exchanged numbers and began texting and exchanging pictures.

“It’s disgusting. I mean you trust these people with everything. There were four girls who went to the emergency room that day. There was no concern about that. Seems like his main concern was what he did after and obviously, it’s taxpayers dollars,” Abruzzese said.

Maus was working with Troop C in Pasco County since Nov. 10, 2014. A statement was released by the Florida Highway Patrol officials, which confirmed an investigation into the matter was still ongoing.

“The Florida Highway Patrol takes all complaints very seriously. The Trooper has tendered his resignation which was accepted effective immediately. A thorough administrative investigation will continue to be conducted by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Office of Inspector General.”