A couple recently had a close escape as they encountered a massive snake while hiking in a nature reserve in Singapore.

Sanchindra, who works as a contributor for Stomp media, and his wife were at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve when they mistook a king cobra for a fallen branch. The two went close and were shocked to see that it was a huge snake. The incident took place on Nov. 29. The couple later shared their experience with Stomp.

"My wife and I had never visited Bukit Timah Nature Reserve before. Since it was our first time trekking there, we were excited to enjoy the nature around us," Sachindra told the outlet. "When we saw something long on the footpath in front of us, we thought it was just a fallen branch and started to walk closer to it."

"Suddenly, a woman shouted at us not to cross as it was a snake. We immediately stepped away from it... I'm so glad the woman alerted us as one of us could have been bitten by it. In the end, my wife and I just kept our distance and admired the snake from afar. It was really nice to see such a beautiful animal in the wild," he said.

Sanchindra said the incident reminded him how people should be extremely careful when trekking or hiking in forested areas.

"Just keep a lookout and remember to warn those around you if you spot any wild animals at nature reserves," he said.

Kalai Vanan, deputy chief executive officer of Acres – a wildlife rescue service, told the publication: "The snake in the photo is an adult king cobra that looks to be about 3m long (10-foot). This beautiful snake is only occasionally sighted in Singapore. This video is a classic example of how snakes mind their own business if left alone and not provoked."

According to Singapore's National Parks website, in case someone encounters a snake they must follow the following dos and don'ts.

  • People must remain calm when they spot a snake
  • It is best not to confront the snake
  • Maintaining a safe distance from the snake is necessary
  • Do not try to handle the snake yourself
Cobra Pixabay