Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks about the results of the Michigan, Mississippi and other primary elections during a news conference held Tuesday at his Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. Reuters

New York businessman and GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday that even if President Barack Obama’s administration doesn’t indict Hillary Clinton, his own version of the White House would, Politico reported.

“You have to,” Trump said to a question from Fox News anchor Sean Hannity during a town hall Wednesday. Hannity asked Trump if he would pursue a criminal indictment if current Attorney General Loretta Lynch avoided an indictment.

Even though rapturous applause erupted when Trump made his pronouncement against Clinton, the implication that he would meddle in the affairs of the head of the U.S. Department of Justice goes against precedent, Politico reported. The White House traditionally limits its intrusion on the decisions of the attorney general in terms of who gets prosecuted.

Trump has said Clinton shouldn’t even be allowed to make a run for the White House, considering the ongoing email controversy. Clinton is being investigated over how classified information got on her private email and server.

Lynch said this week she hasn’t spoken to officials in the White House about the case, despite officials there having offered opinions on the matter, the Wall Street Journal reported. Lynch said White House officials should not have commented on the case.

Last month, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that from what other officials had told him, Clinton did not seem to be the target of the investigation. He later clarified he was referring to media reports of the case and didn’t mean to say he got information regarding the case from the Justice Department.

While serving as U.S. Secretary of State, Clinton set up a personal email system housed on a private server, a move that has been dragging through her run for the presidency. Lynch said the investigation into Clinton’s emails is being handled the same way the Justice Department handles cases involving classified information.