• "His Dark Materials" Season 2 will be released this year
  • The plot will be based on "The Subtle Knife"
  • Work for Season 3 has begun

The coronavirus lockdown has shut down the production of most of the projects in Hollywood, and it has been particularly challenging for shows like “His Dark Materials.” TV shows that have young characters can’t afford to take long gaps because the young actors grow up quickly and the difference is clearly visible on screen. That is why the producers of the family drama series are currently working hard to produce the show quickly and release it for the eager fans.

Filming of “His Dark Materials” Season 2 was completed before the lockdown was announced. However, the postproduction work still remains unfinished. Executive producer Jane Tranter assured the fans on Twitter that the postproduction work has been continuing with “characteristic intensity and energy, but now filtered down over BlueJeans.”

Even though the lockdown has posed some challenges for the producers, Tranter assured the fans that they will be in a position to release the next season by the end of the year. While some work for “His Dark Materials” Season 2 remains, the producers are already planning ahead for the third season.

Tranter told the fans on Twitter that the writers have started developing the scripts for Season 3 already. The first season was an adaptation of Philip Pullman’s novel “Northern Lights” or “The Golden Compass,” and the second season is based on “The Subtle Knife.” Tranter confirmed that the third season of the popular show will be based on “The Amber Spyglass.”

Does this mean that the show will end with the third season? Even though the source material will end, WarnerMedia is planning to continue the story with new material because the show has become one of its biggest co-viewing hit that is watched by the entire family, Deadline reported. HBO President of Programming Casey Bloys told Deadline that the network doesn’t have many shows that lets parents and kids watch together and “His Dark Materials” has been a big success on that front.

“His Dark Materials” Season 2 is set to be released later this year, but the producers are yet to announce an exact release date. As far as Season 3 is concerned, WarnerMedia needs to talk to BBC about it.

His Dark Materials
James McAvoy plays Lord Asriel in "His Dark Materials" His Dark Materials/Facebook