• "His Dark Materials Season 2 will be released in 2020
  • Postproduction work for the show is continuing
  • The plot will be about Lyra exploring new worlds

The coronavirus pandemic has forced most studios to stop all filming, but the work of “His Dark Materials” Season 2 is continuing. The team is currently busy with the post-production work and the producers are confident that they can release it by the end of the year.

Executive producer Jane Tranter shared an update with the fans while answering a few questions on Twitter recently. Filming of Season 2 has already wrapped, and the team is currently busy with the postproduction work despite the lockdown.

“Post-production is continuing with characteristic intensity and energy, but now filtered down over BlueJeans,” Tranter said.

The producer assured the fans that the team will be able to complete the work in the next few months. According to Tranter, they are planning to have a release date for the next season by the end of the year.

The producers had previously planned to film the first two seasons without too much gap. Normally, there is a gap of about a year between the production of two seasons, but Tranter previously told Entertainment Weekly that they couldn’t do that with “His Dark Materials” Season 2 because their protagonist Dafne Keen is a teenager who is growing up fast.

One of the challenges with working with young actors, according to Tranter, is that they can’t give too much of a gap between filming two seasons. The gap will mean the actors will grow taller, look different, and have different voices. The changes would be immediately noticeable for the fans and it would affect the show because in the story the time would have passed for a few hours.

The TV series is an adaptation of Philip Pullman’s novels. While the first season was an adaptation of “The Northern Lights,” Season 2 will be an adaptation of “The Subtle Knife.” The plot will focus on Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) exploring new worlds.

While the fans wait for “His Dark Materials” Season 2, the producers have been sharing details about how they filmed the first season online. A recently released behind-the-scenes picture shows Keen standing on top of a building in full costume before filming a scene.

His Dark Materials
Dafne Keen plays Lyra in "His Dark Materials" TV series. His Dark Materials/Facebook