The long awaited trial for those accused of murdering Holly Bobo was postponed Thursday thanks to new evidence that emerged in the case. Zach Adams was set to stand trial Monday, but a recently discovered gun forced the judge to delay the trial.

The gun was reportedly discovered by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation underwater sometime during Memorial Day weekend. Adams' defense team argued that it needed extra time in order for experts to analyze the gun and the area where it was located. The judge granted the motion to continue the trial until September.

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“I want to try this case professionally and correctly,” Judge C. Creed McGinley said Thursday before sending jurors home.

Jury selection for the trial was rescheduled for September 9, while the trial would start two days later. McGinley said the trial would take no longer than two weeks once it commenced, according to WREG-TV.

“Need to get this behind us,” said Decatur County Sheriff Keith Byrd, according to WKRN. “It’s been long enough.”

Bobo, a nursing student, disappeared in 2011 in the woods near her West Tennessee home. Bobo’s brother told investigators he saw his sister go into the woods near their home with a man dressed in camouflage. At the time, he said, he thought the man was her boyfriend.

A short time later, her brother said he realized something was wrong and called his mother, who then called 911. A search party soon formed in the woods surrounding the family’s home. Investigators at the time said they had ample evidence Bobo did not walk away of her own volition.

“He actually had an arm holding her,” John Mehr of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said at the time. “So we feel she knew she was in fear of her life, so she was compliant with his commands.”

The then-20-year-old’s remains were not found until 2014 when authorities discovered a human skull near Adams’ home. Through dental records, the skull was confirmed to belong to Bobo.

Adams was arrested in March 2014 and charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree felony murder. His brother, Dylan Adams, and a third man, Jason Autry, were also charged in relation to the case. All three men pleaded not guilty.

Forensic testing in the case remained sealed, though Adams’ attorneys said there was no DNA that linked him to Bobo’s death, according to WTVF.

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Cindy Adams, the mother of two of the suspects, said she didn’t believe her sons were responsible for Bobo’s death based on the evidence she had seen.

“They would have found DNA in that house,” Adams told WMC-TV in May. “They would have found hair in that house. They would have found a fingernail. They would have found something that placed Holly in that house. There’s no chemical cleanup in that house. There’s nothing that ever indicated Holly has been in that house.”