UPDATE: Sep. 18, 2017 – The Holly Bobo murder trial continued into its seventh day Monday, as the state called an emergency worker to the stand. John Maxwell testified about 911 calls made from Dick Adams, the grandfather of Zach Adams, regarding his grandson’s behavior.

The prosecution, which has been making its case against Adams since last week, was expected to finish doing so sometime soon. Day seven of the trial can be streamed live below.

Previous days’ testimony can be viewed in the videos below.

UPDATE: Sep. 15, 2017 — The fifth day of the Holly Bobo murder trial began Friday after hours of disturbing testimony the day before. Key witness Jason Autry took the stand Thursday, revealing the horrific details of how he and Zach Adams, the man on trial, disposed of Bobo’s body. Watch a live stream of Friday's testimony below.

Yesterday’s testimony can be viewed in the video below.

Original story: The trial for the 2011 murder of Holly Bobo entered its fourth day Thursday in Tennessee. Zach Adams was charged with the rape, kidnapping and murder of the 20-year-old nursing student.

Bobo was last seen entering the woods behind her family’s home in 2011. Her brother, who saw her walking into the woods, thought she was with her boyfriend at the time. Clint Bobo realized something was wrong when he found blood near the family’s home and quickly alerted authorities. The ensuing search for Bobo was the largest and most expensive in Tennessee’s history — but it was to no avail. Bobo’s remains were not found until three years later when a ginseng hunter stumbled upon her skull in the woods.

The prosecution continued to present their case against Adams Thursday. Jason Autry, a key witness in the case, was called to the stand as the trial’s 25th witness. Autry testified about helping Adams, his friend, dispose of Bobo’s body. Autry said he initially went to Adams for drugs the morning Bobo went missing, but realized when he arrived that Adams wanted help to get rid of the body.

By looking at photographs, Autry showed the jury the place under a local bridge to dispose of Bobo’s body. It was there, Autry said, that he realized Bobo was still alive.

“I see a foot moving and I hear a sound of distress come out of the blanket,” Autry said. “At that time I walked to the door of the passenger side… and I told [Adams] ‘This f------ b----- is still alive. She’s heard my name called and me talking and all.’”

Autry said after they realized Bobo was still alive, Adams shot her in the head. Adams, however, has maintained his innocence throughout the case. His lawyer seized upon a lack of forensic evidence tying Adams to the murder. The trial was set to continue in the coming days. Should Adams be convicted, he could face life in prison.