From Demi Moore to Orlando Bloom, a number of Hollywood's A-List celebrities attended the 2012 Cinema for Peace event held on Jan. 14, aimed at benefiting the J/P Haitian Relief Organization.

Held at Hotel Montage in Los Angeles, the event marked the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti and was attended by stars like Sean Penn, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Gere and Robert De Niro. All of these celebrities, in the past, have reportedly shown their support for Cinema for Peace over the years.

The Cinema for Peace Foundation was initiated in 2008 by Jaka Bizilj to further develop the goals and activities of the established Cinema for Peace Initiative. Its main aim is to expand the role of the organization in raising public awareness of social inequality and injustice in the world, through the medium of films.

In order to do so, such films are supported and made as widely accessible as possible. The foundation pursues this goal directly or by supporting third parties in doing so.

A true chance at rebuilding. Also, assistance with the rubble removal is key. People can't start rebuilding until the rubble is gone. The country also needs medical and educational support. All of the everyday things we take for granted - brushing our teeth, drinking clean water, taking a bath or shower, having a meal to eat - these are the privileges that few Haitians enjoy, American actress Soleil Moon Frye told members of the press at the event.

Take a look at the images from the Peace Haiti Relief Fundraising Event below: