A Bronx Resident Was Stabbed In the Eye By His Homophobic Super
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A homophobic super stabbed a man defending his gay stepson in the eye, and according to a lawsuit filed against him, is back in the apartment building without being fired.

According to the lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court by Joey Brown, a resident of the building at E. 176th Street in the Bronx, the building super, identified as Jose Adorno, harassed him with gay-bashing slurs for months before becoming violent with him and his stepfather.

According to Brown’s stepfather Ronald Griffin, Adorno lost his temper when he took a jab at him, mentioning that the super might be gay too, New York Daily News reported.

“On the down low, you probably want my son to f--k you,” Griffin recalled saying to Adorno. Griffin also added that he attacked Adorno’s masculinity which got him even more furious.

“You purposely go out and pursue him, you call him a f----t, a homosexual, you’ve been in three physical altercations with him. Why do you specifically go after him? You’re on the down low. I went right for his manhood and he didn’t appreciate it. He got furious,” Griffin recalled saying.

The footage which was acquired last week by New York Daily News shows both Adorno and Brown in an argument in the building's lobby on Jan. 2 around 2:10 a.m. EST, and later Brown returning with his stepfather to confront Adorno.

The video then shows Griffin taking off his hat and glasses before he starts to argue with the super.

During the confrontation, Adorno can be seen removing a sharp object from his pocket and jabbing Griffin with it. Describing the incident, Griffin recalled how he felt a sharp pain but did not realize how badly he had been hurt in the heat of the moment.

“I felt a sharp pinch. I didn’t know what it was, I guess because of the adrenaline and everything,” Griffin, who has lost sight in his right eye after the incident, said.

Mark Shirian, Brown and Griffin’s attorney, said that Griffin nearly missed getting stabbed in the eye; however, he suffered a fractured orbital bone instead of a deep stab wound.

According to reports, a security guard sat in a booth in the lobby while the grisly scene unfolded. However, the security company, US Security Associates, denied any wrongdoing on their part.

Speaking of the situation, Brown said the whole incident really terrified him.

He also said he wanted to kill Adorno for what he did to his father. “It really hurt me. I actually wanted to kill him. That’s my father. I was put in a real f---ed up situation,” he said.

Police arrested Adorno on charges of him saying to Brown, “you f---ing f----t I hope you f---ing die of AIDS.”

However, even after the super’s violent meltdown, he is back in the building after pleading guilty to third-degree assault and serving 60 days behind bars.

According to Brown, neither he nor his stepfather feels safe now that Adorno is back in the building.

“He still works the building! It makes me feel uncomfortable. I kind of fear for my life. This is a man who not just tried to hurt me but tried to take out my father,” Brown said.

According to the report in New York Daily News, along with Adorno, Brown and Griffin also sued the security management company and the landlord of the building for allegedly ignoring the complaints they received against Adorno.